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  1. Protection and style for your Acura RSX interior with Designer Mat Floor Mats!
    Floor mats play an essential role in the interior look and feel, as they keep the interior of your car clean and protect it from everyday abuse. If you want to be sure that your RSX's interior will look like no one else Designer Mat floor mats would be your best bet! This brand offers nine...
  2. CAI water protection

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Will the front fender liner that goes under the bumper protect my CAI from getting water inside from driving in the rain? I cut it off to allow room for the intake but not sure if I should replace it.
  3. Amp protection problem

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I have an SAX 100.4 amp for my front components and an SAX 1200D for my sub and both amps work when plugged in independently, but the SAX 1200D goes into protect when they are both plugged in. I have 4 awg wire for both the power and ground wires on each amp, each with separate ground points...
  4. curb protection

    Wheels & Tires
    I currently have 235/45/17 on a 17x9 +35 and I find it's a little too easy to rub the curb compared to stockies. I was thinking about a wheel repair service to fix my mistakes, but would moving to a 255/40/17 give my wheels a little more protection since it's a wider tire?
  5. Greddy kit heat protection options

    Turbo RSX
    I know there are a few threads about different options to prevent power steering line damage. I have been looking around for the best possible way to prevent a melt down before installing my kit and I have come up with the following: Heat wrap tubing for the power steering line...
  6. Seat Bolster Protection?

    Interior Mods RSX
    I recently bought a Buddy Club bucket seat and am worried that the bolster will get messed up after getting in and out of the car over time. I saw that Recaro makes one but am not sure if it fits and it also costs like 120$. Does any other company make them?
  7. Seat Bolster Protection?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just got a Buddy Club bucket seat and am worried that the bolsters will wear out over time from getting in and out of the car. I saw that Recaro had some bolster protectors but I'm not sure they fit and my seat isn't a Recaro. Does any other company make them?
  8. 3M Clear Protection Sticker (Bra) Set for Acura RSX

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    I have for sale a set of 3M clear protection stickers for the Acura RSX (any year/trim). The stickers are pre-cut by 3M (perfect fitment), which includes the front portion of your hood, fenders, and side mirrors. I got these awhile back when my friend was taking a course at 3M. He said he...
  9. Foglight Protection

    Lighting RSX
    I have been researching about Foglights. I'm looking to get InlineFour Ion Foglights for my 06. However I see that many crack from everyday driving. So I will probably protect them, but I don't know what to use. I also don't want to add a protectant that will melt. Thanks.
  10. fog light protection?

    Lighting RSX
    anyone have any suggestions? thanks!! :thumbsup:
  11. FS: Michelin Pilot HX All Season tires / 3M RSX protection sticket set / Ingalls ETD

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    I have a set of 4 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 All Season tires for sale. I bought these off Bibiboo earlier this year around March because I needed tires for the summer but ended up with another set. Kept these inside the house and found no use for them. Here is the original post from Bibiboo...
  12. 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    Canada East
    Does anyone know places that do the 3M PPF? I found this place, any tired it? Any other places?
  13. salt/rust protection

    General RSX Discussion
    ok so I was thinking how to protect few places in MS3 from damn Chicago's salty winter. I have a plan to cover under fender space (especially rear) with protective layer of smth which: 1) can protect painted metal from rocks and chips which are straight way to corrosion 2) can be lightweight 3)...
  14. Temp Compensation / Lean Protection

    Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys, I'm running a CTSC with 8 psi. I'm in North Cali and it's been getting quite hot hear at times. It will hit like 105 at times. I just wanted to see if anyone has the parameters set for the temp compensation. If so, what values did you set? Also, I just got dyno tuned, but noticed...
  15. Fog Light Protection Suggestions? And Some Fog Light Kit Reviews

    Lighting RSX
    OMG a thread that is actually NOT about foglight installs :eek: long story short, i need something to protect my foglights any suggestions? for those of us that have nothing better to do, or are curious about a few of the ebay fog light kits cut me some slack on the wording and grammar it's...
  16. FS: Paint Protection Film

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    All sizes are premium quality w/ a life rating of 9 years. 24" x 12"- $4 per foot w/ $5.50 shipping 30" x 12"- $5.50 per foot w/ $5.50 shipping 48" x 12"- $7.50 per foot w/ $5.50 shipping (great for doing whole hood)
  17. Help with wheel well protection.

    General RSX Discussion
    So to keep this short, the plastic which covers the inside of my car like inside my front bumper from the road somehow got murked off when i was driving. I think its because i am missing a few plugs that hold the bumper in place and that led to it getting caught in the tire. My problem is...
  18. k24 lean protection question

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I searched with no luck, but then again I suck at searching.... I running a Innovative wideband that is not compatable with hondata's lean protection. I have a o2 sensor from a k24 accord, if I add it will that work just for lean cut? thanx in advance
  19. WTB: plastic protection under front bumper or part#?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    My plastic liner has fallen down and scraped up to the point where i needed to rip some off, revealing some engine. I want to find a whole piece and replace this...anyone have one or know the part number for this particular piece?
  20. No lean protection with Innovative Wideband??

    Turbo RSX
    This caught us off guard, the Innovative wideband is not compatable with hondatas lean protection. Apparently I'm also gonna have to use the oem wideband for lean protection? Mine got destroyed when my 3" exhaust got hung on a steep driveway.