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  1. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    So I have my 5 speed tranny all apart to inspect what all is wrong with it and what I need to replace. If I can remember correctly I think the guy that sold me the tranny said that it had a 5th gear pop-out issue, but I really do not see a problem with anything 5th gear related. The guy I bought...
  2. Bolt-On Basics EP3
    i see that megan racing provides the donut gasket for the axle back but not the 3 bolt flange gasket for the converter. im wondering what gasket to buy cuz there are a few options i can go with but id like to find the best fitting. im thinking this...
  3. General RSX Discussion
    does anyone know where can i find this tow hook style..or possibly the name to do a search on it...
  4. Bolt-On Basics EP3
    Is it worth it to get a header with stock exhaust and already have intake. Any notice? maybe noise only? Also if I switch for exhaust instead is it worth it to just get a header too? Last question, I will do this myself, is it a pain to get the header in?
  5. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    hey~ sorry my previous thread, my buddy will gives me his subwoofer,ive a base rsx which is not bose installed, my question is, will i be able to hook it up with base system (speaker + deck) without an amp? i did quite a few research, ppl say without amp it sounds like shit quite honesty now...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    hey guys. anyone know if tokico shocks will fit basic skunk 2 coilovers?
  7. Supercharging RSX
    Probably a retarded question, but I was wondering if I would get the gains that are worth the money from a s/c being added to a heavily modified all motor setup? Heavily modded meaning, motor built up with cams and valvetrain, stroked and the whole nine yards.
  8. Lighting RSX
    can 02-04 tail lights fit an 05 rsx.
  9. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    ok so i have been having this issue with a rattling // vibrating noise when accelerating and turning right when im on the gas... i brought my car to the mechanic and he told me that the struts need to be replaced bc they are shot.. also the strut plates , bushings.. ... im dropped on tein...
  10. All Motor RSX
    are these cams really woth the price tag of almost 2 grand with valve train?
  11. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    when stock, the base auto sits lower in the front, than the rear (cuz the tranny is heavier). the eibach prokit lowers the front 1 inch and the rear 1.4 inches. all u base auto prokit owners, did u need a camber kit once the springs settled? if u could share ur experiences, that'd be great...
  12. JDM Only RSX
    im willing to buy the red H, my car is a SSM rsx. but the holder of the red H is chrome H with black boarder it's the first one so mine again, it's a silver RSX, will it fits my color? thks __________________
  13. Exterior Mods RSX
    im willing to buy the red H, my car is a SSM rsx. but the holder of the red H is chrome H with black boarder it's the first one so mine again, it's a silver RSX, will it fits my color? thks
  14. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    ok, Accord EX vs RSX automatic, who won? and why
  15. Exterior Mods RSX
    hey i just bought some type r sides and just noticed that mine were about the same height as the stock factory side skirts. is everyone elses like that too and do you guys think that a oem front lip would look nice with my sides. my car is desert silver thanks.
  16. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    How is the engine different from the Type-S and is their any way to make the base* engine exactly like the Type-S. Im planning on getting a base model because its more affordable than the 24k S but I wonder if their is a way to boost up the base* engine with little modding w/ ecu,etc.
  17. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    asking for a friend . will all that bolt up perfectly on a base? even w/the shorty header? or will i need a type s downpipe as well cuz of the shorty header? thanks. RT = random tech . the bolt up one for the type s =)
  18. Exterior Mods RSX
    how do you take of the emblems on your rsx? I've heard many ways, but I would rather ask someone who has already done it.
  19. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    wat kinda exhuast and header do track racers usually use? sounds like big bee.more like f1 racing cars.and higher RPM louder and sharper it gets...most poeple say they use tanble...but i doubt it.. any suggtions?
  20. Exterior Mods RSX
    okay, i jsut blacked out my headlights and when i put the head lights back together, the glass part n the plastic thing wont go back completely n when i put it on the car it leaves a big ass gap between it....can someone tell me what i should do? should i take it apart agian n then remove all...
1-20 of 23 Results