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  1. Wheels & Tires
    well i know its kind of a noob question but i cant seem to see the difference between the volk ce28n and the volk le28n?? they look the same, mabey different specs>? can anyone tell me the difference and which on the prefer im thinking about getting one of the two and dont know the difference...
  2. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Been reading and searching on the old Race header vs. shorty+test pipe combo Anyways...from what I read Race headers nets you higher peak HP than the shorty+test combo but the shorty+test gives you more midrange power (daily driving). Some say, best bang for the buck is...
  3. Exterior Mods RSX
    i bought some aftermarket bulbs for my headlights..and had a couple problems on side keeps blowing out on me:mad: and i know your not supposed to touch the bulb so it couldnt be that what could keep causing it to blow like that...also am i using the right bulb its H1 right?:dontknow: just...
1-3 of 3 Results