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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello all, my rsx is recently hitting 92xxx. Since I Just got my tax returns I thought I would spend it on maintenance for my car ..I was Just wondering if there's any reccomendations of what I should replace or look at .. I'm buying everything at kseriesparts.. I'm looking at the energy...
  2. Canada East
    Just curious what are some fun twisty roads to drive on preferably with low heat in ontario So far I know of is Forks Of Credit Rd. (Mississauga) Hockley Rd. (Mono) Pine Valley Drive (Vaughan) Not a twisty road at all but from between Major Mackenzie and Teston Road there is a deep downhill...
  3. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    sooo i finally got my FF type 2 coils on, time to get my camber adjusted, any suggestions on camber kits? or any camber kits to avoid? thanks guys, lmk
  4. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys, so im slowly gathering parts to finish off the cooling parts of my RSX. i've got a mugen low temp thermostat, complimented with a mugen fan switch, Samco radiator hoses, and a Greddy oil cooler kit. Im now looking at recommendations for a radiator. I need obviously...
  5. Auto Talk
    I just sold my 98 SVT Cobra to get something more efficient, lighter, quicker...more enjoyable to drive and my first instinct is to pick up an 05-06 Type S. So I figured I'd try to get an overall consensus of other options I have before I commit. Besides the Type S I'm looking at a Civic Si...
  6. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    im thinkking of getting some header but i hear that i need 02 extension and all off that are they also straight bolt on? thanks fellow club rsx peeps can i use stock catback
  7. Turbo RSX
    Now I know someone will tell my go and search (which I did) but i want experienced answers specially tailored to my build. okay first up the car is a Honda integra IS which I think is the JDM version to what you guys call a rsx base. My mod list are as follows: Suspension & Brakes: -Ingalls...
  8. The DIY Garage RSX
    Hi I have 2002 Acura RSX-S with about 76,000 miles on it. Seems like the front passenger side strut is worn out. I need to replace both front struts. I am looking for something that gives the best bang for the buck...I just do regular commuting in the city of Chicago in this car. Any recc'd...
  9. Canada East
    My wifes car was making noise so I took it in to Acura and was told it needed new bushings in the lower control arm on the passenger side. Got a quote for 3 new bushings and a new endlink and acura want's $620 :eek:(it's already cost me 1 hour labor or $110 for them to find the problem)...
  10. Motorcycles
    OK, so I realized that if I can't have a car in pittsburgh, the next best thing would be a bike. Considering its a city I think it'd be pretty safe - no highway travel, just local, and i sure as hell wouldnt mind with the cost of gas... My question is, what do you guys reccomend for a REALLY...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    hey guys...i have a pair of 06 stocks with the original tires on car is dropped on bc+n right now, and as the tires are wearing down it feels the ride quality is too..anyways i was looking to get a new tire, something that rides smooth/soft but does not look like a monster truck...
  12. Wheels & Tires
    Just bought 17x 8 wheels what would be some good choices for tires including size and brand, it is a daily driver which goes to the track about three times a year please only serious recommendations and yes I have searched I am looking for individuals personal experience
  13. Supercharging RSX
    i am trying to figure out what the best plugs would be for me to run with the JRSC and a 9lb pulley setup. any ideas??
  14. Auto X & Road Racing
    I'm thinking it over and I'm leaning towards the mugen 24mm in the rear and maybe eventually moving up to the 24.5 in the front. I'd like some opinions, suggestions. I'm currently running just the mugen sports suspension with a tiny bit of bad camber in the rear.
1-14 of 15 Results