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  1. Acura TL
    Hey guys so I know this was talked about extensively many times but that was years ago and all the links are dead. I am in need of the Region 2 NM nav files. If anyone has and is willing to share please contact me via email @ [email protected] Thanks!
  2. Canada East
    Just wondering how many people of this forum live in/near Ottawa, i've seen a few nice RSX's.
  3. Canada East
    be careful with your and my buddy were going to go out and eat and york region pulled us over..he pulled my rsx over for muffler and my buddy for improper tire. He later on called the safety unit on both of us and made me tow my car home because it was unsafe to drive..also got tickets...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    hi guys, first time rsx owner. just bought type s 06 back in feb, currently at 112k mi. only mods from previous owner are cai. as it turns out there is no splash guard protecting the cai. i was not aware of this until recently and it rains quite a bit here. whenever i exit the car after a good...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    I attended my first year and it got me hooked. Ever since I've been instructing. Due to a new person taking over the website, we are low on students this year (usually sells out). March 31st and Aprill 1st! Online reg ends on Wednesday the 28th so don't sleep on it...
  6. General RSX Discussion
    any 05 or 06 rsx's with less than 70 k miles?
  7. Auto X & Road Racing This is a video done by a guy local to our region, but doesnt race, just a brother of someone who used to race regularly. Yours truly picking that back wheel up off the ground! Check it out and post what you think!
  8. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Hey CRSX! I'm looking for an rsx-type s in the northeast region, preferably near Boston, MA. I am willing to spend around the 7k range. I would prefer darker colors like black or blue, but others are acceptable. And babied cars are always a plus, hate it when a car is beat. lemme know whats...
  9. Canada East
    Everyone!!!! you are all welcome, please come out and support and have a great time for one of Niagara's very first Competitive and leisure Tuner Car Show!!!!!!/event.php?eid=199888153379338
  10. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    NSCRA Southeast Region "Round 2" May 22nd @ PBIR NSCRA Southeast Region Event: Round 2 Date: May 22nd, 2011 Location: Palm Beach International Raceway ··············· (Formerly Moroso Motorsports Park) ··············· 17047 Beeline Hwy. Jupiter, FL 33478 Gates open: 8am Tech open: 9am...
  11. Mid West
    As an FYI, registration for SCCA Chicago Region 2011 Learning Curve (auto-x school) is currently open. Hopefully the weather will be warm by next month and some of you will join for two days of car-related fun and instruction. This is a great way to get into auto-x, but also a really good way...
  12. North East
    What's up everyone. I need to paint my brand new (authentic)C-West N1 Front Bumper II and am looking for a reputable shop who a) is ok with working on fiber plastic bumpers b) does a good job c) is somewhere in the Hudson Valley region Thanks in advance
  13. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    NSCRA: August 29th, 2010, THE HEAT IS ON! National Sport Compact Racing Association SOUTHEAST CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES: Round 4 THE HEAT IS ON! Drag Racing/ Car Show/ Hot Body Contest, Music and Much MORE! DRAG RACING The NSCRA is the Home of the World's Fastest Sport Compact Drag Cars. Come see...
  14. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    A close friend of mines is looking to buy an RSX. She prefers a type-s off course, but if the price is right we will consider a base. MT or AT does not matter. I live in San Leandro, she lives in Vallejo. Please feel free to PM me the location and pictures + details about the car. Clean title...
  15. Auto X & Road Racing
    Anyone on here involved in the region? Im going to my first event July 11 and 12. Car is stripped painted and currently rocking one Bride Vios Low Max... until my other seat rail arrives to put in my other. Im definately looking forward to the rest of the OMR events this season that I plan on...
  16. Auto X & Road Racing
    does anyone here autocross with the NY region SCCA? and if so... are you attending the july 11th autocross? if so... can i co-drive with you at that event? :) i am going to be in the NY area at that time, so i figured it might be a nice opportunity to meet some fellow autocrossers from that...
  17. Canada East
    Looking to rent a cottage with a bunch of friends around the Georgian Bay/Parry Sound Region or Muskoka either mid to late June weekend. Just wondering if anyone knows a good cottage around there that could recommend one to me that'd be great.
  18. Auto X & Road Racing
    Just registered for this event and seen that there is another RSX signed up. Wondering if anyone else will be attending this event?
  19. Auto X & Road Racing Aprill 4th and 5th. Come out and get hooked on autocross. It fills up fast so don't wait. 2 day class. 1 instructor for every 2 students so you get plenty of seat time. PM me with any questions. Later, Ryan