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  1. Post count doesn't go up on regional chat section

    Community Help
    How come when we post in our regional chat section our posting count doesn't go up? I mean its still posting I believe we should get credit for any kind of posting!
  2. Europe section Regional Forum

    Community Help
    How about a Europe section in the Regional Forum? I'm stationed in Germany and would like to see who else is here.
  3. Regional advice

    Canada East
    I don't post much, but I thought I'd ask here as well to get some local advice: Hopefully this doesn't get locked or moved. :shady: Thanks guys. +++++Update+++++ Thanks everyone for their advice. I've decided to only replace...
  4. NSCRA Southeast Regional Championship Series Round 1

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    NSCRA Southeast Regional Championship Series Round 1" "NSCRA Round 1 @ PBIR March 13th" Event date: March 13th,2011 Location: Palm Beach International Raceway (Formerly Moroso Motorsports Park) 17047 Beeline Hwy. Jupiter, FL 33478 Gates open: 8am Tech open: 9am Qualifying round 1: 10am...
  5. NSCRA Southeast Regional Championship Series Round 1 March 13th

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    NSCRA Southeast Regional Championship Series Round 1 NSCRA South East Regional Championship Series Event name: Round 1 Event date: March 13th, 2011 Location: Palm Beach International Raceway (Formerly Moroso Motorsports Park) 17047 Beeline Hwy. Jupiter, FL 33478 Gates open: 8am Tech...
  6. **310/818/323 MEET** (Ver. 37 Stylin On Other Regional Chats) *CHAT*

    Southern Cali
    this week its sushi 3589 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107 Neighborhood: Pasadena (626) 440-9611 usual 7:30-8? ill probably be there around 7 or so let me know if you guys wanna go earlier and drink 1. Armen 2. Jaime 3...
  7. NSCRA: Spring Bash! Round 2 of the Southeast Regional Points Championship.

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Join Nscra on our Social Net pages. Please add us!
  8. Regional Forums

    General RSX Discussion
    I have a question.. Looking in the regional thread i noticed that there is a very general "West" sub-forum. Is it feasible to get a Pacific Northwest / Puget Sound / area .. something similar? Chatting with people in your area is very convenient sometimes, specifically when you are talking...
  9. new area in regional forums?

    Community Help
    i was thinking maybe you guys could add a overseas sub forum in the regional forums? i have seen a lot more rsx's runnin loose in germany, especially in the ktown area. it would be cool for us to have a area in the regional forums
  10. Regional Forums Expansion?

    Community Help
    Sup team. Just wanted to suggest that we should really expand the regional forums to include oversea countries. For example, maybe asia, europe etc..Would be a great idea. I am over in the Philippines right now and there is a good number of RSX's here that were imported from Japan. And I...
  11. local regional park

    got bored, so i headed over to the local regional park. heres a few shots. criticism and critique appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. thanks, ryan
  12. **Official** 209 Regional Meet Planning *CHAT* Thread Ver. 3.0

    Northern Cali
    Alrite folks, lets keep it real here. This thread is all about meet PLANNING. Lets stay within the RULES, and keep the chatter down. If you want to Chat/whore :gtfo:there are other threads for that. Anyways lets get this thing going, Discuss. :coffee...
  13. Weston Regional Meet

    tomorrow at 6 Monday, meet at Weston Regional park. its on saddle club, you can get to it from indian trace or royal palm. so far we got myself in my RSX-S that I will have for 2 weeks now, tomoro, we got Capone24, Jordi422, and a guy with a STI. oh and I have a Nikon D80 so we'll have some...
  14. NorCal=Best Regional Forum Ever *CHAT*

    Northern Cali
  15. Basic Guidelines in So Cal Regional Section *Update 1/5/13*

    Southern Cali
    Hello, Please remember to follow the basic guidelines and review the FAQ & Rules located here: Remember, no random whoring in threads that are not dedicated to *CHAT* and all whoring should stop at page 75. Moderators may not edit Usernames, if you would like...
  16. DC Regional School (10/2007)

    Auto X & Road Racing
    hahah which instructor did you have? Can't remember if it was Greg or Jason who won nationals. I think I had Jason. He helped put down some solid times, great guy! Level 2 has the same course, my best time was a 33.8. I need to improve smoothness and limit steering input, improving those 2...
  17. SoCal DE/Autox tires FS (link to regional)

    Auto X & Road Racing
    P Zero Corsas in '05-06 Type S stock size. Check it out here: Sorry for the cross-post, just haven't gotten any response in the SoCal local pickup. Too many carbon fiber hoods FS and appointments to hang out in parking lots, I guess.
  18. Helmet Checks at regional SCCA Solo II events?

    Auto X & Road Racing
    I was wondering, Will anyone check if my helmet is DOT or Snell approved at regional autocross events? Im planning on buying a brand new z1r full face helmet. But the problem is, it is DOT approved, not 95 Snell-which is what autocross "standard" . What do you guys think? :(
  19. autox results in the Hawaii regional on March 2nd

    Auto X & Road Racing
    here it is...i'm in the CSP class (don't know why they placed me in there :rolleyes: ).