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  1. General RSX Discussion
    Read more about the New Civic Type R Specs, Photos Released at
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Edit: So when I depress clutch pedal everything sounds fine, as soon as I apply some pressure to clutch pedal I hear like a grinding noise almost, or a whirring noise and the clutch pedal kind of vibrates, when I release the pedal the noise goes away, any suggestions? I am thinking throw out...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello clubrsx!! I have a strange problem and not sure what it could Possibly be! Anyways, today I was driving the rsx normally, shift from first to second at about 3500rpm,same with second to third. Shortly after I shifted to third I started noticing the rsx had a strong burning smell and was...
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    This is my third car, i owned a 02 rsx type-s which I sold and a Audi s4 v8 that got totaled because a girl rear ended me, So this is my 06' type-s that I bought in January 2013 completely stock that I am slowly modifying myself. Im 18 and still in highschool, Enjoy *Also follow the build on...
  5. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    alright so i put my stock springs back on my rsx because i didnt like that feeling of these coil overs i got. but now when i reverse i hear this weird sound coming from my back right wheel and it sounds like theres air being released from somewhere. i dont think its actually air but i can only...
  6. ECU Tuning RSX
    Hey Guys just want to let you know about this being available mid this month. Available for shipping September 14th anyone wanting to upgrade their older version it will be $250.00 and as of now it will be done directly though...
  7. Canada West
    With the closure of one of the runways at the smaller city centre airport, they had to redesign the track, much better IMO and the longest straight in the series.
  8. Everything Else
    For sale here is a brand new in box Casio Pathfinder PAW240T with titanium bracelet. Its brand new in box never worn, bracelet never sized, comes with full boxes, paper, links, everything brand new. Feature: - Titanium band - Tough Solar - Triple Sensor (Altimeter/Barometer, Thermometer...
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    new gears installed, no clue what this noise is :dontknow: any ideas would be great :bow:
  10. Cell Phones
    SOLD!!!! Sorry to other who may have wanted this it is out of stock all over FL and id imagine everywhere else. But i still got minez!!
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    *couple decent pics 21MAR2011 page 7 *couple crappy daytime pics page 6 *updated pics w/ deep concave wmb work emos page 5 *new exhaust page 4 Car is currently under construction. Mod list are up to date, pictures arent. I've been lurking in the shadows around here for a while and finally...
  12. General Discussion EP3 Mazda may be a little upset if this gets to preduction.:run:
1-12 of 56 Results