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  1. Southern Cali
    Unfortunately i am selling my rsx type s. Reason for a sale is just want something automatic in all honesty. Sell or trade. Here is s little info about the car. Just message me and i can send you pictures 909 939 6155 -03 rsx type s -tags till march -07 k24a2 the engine is very sought after do...
  2. Lighting RSX
    looking for realible H11 bulbs, that will last a decent amount of time im thinking of these but not sure.
  3. Turbo RSX
    Okay so money not being a factor what is a reliable rod and piston setup for a turboed k24a2 that could be daily driven as well as tracked and good up to 300whp
  4. Auto Talk
    AutoGuide asks Are Hybrid Reliable?
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    :confused: There are like a million of them on ebay. I'm tired of blowing out and changing the H1 bulbs. I don't care about different colored lights or whatever, I just want some nice strong lights that last two or three years. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
  6. Lighting RSX
    Currently have Nokya 3000k fogs and they just aren't cutting it for me. Can't tell they're yellow unless it's at night. Any affordable reliable options?
  7. Southern Cali
    So the engine in my 06 type s decided to give out and I need to locate a good shop that is reliable to do the swap out for me, I can't do it myself being that I have a newborn and don't have extra time on my hands, any suggestions? Thank you and i appreciate it :thumbsup:
  8. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    **Offers welcome** asking $9999 TRACK READY!! Hit consistent 12.8's @ 107. Best run [email protected] 106.9 w/ 1.7 60' Ok, first of all, this is what I do. Performance is my life I'm selling my 2002 acura RSX-s w/ k20a2 engine & 6speed type-R spec transmission. Original engine and tranny with VIN tag...
  9. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    FS is a 1994 Integra LS Auto w/ AC Has 90% NEW suspension parts on the front end which includes: Upper control arm with ball joints L&R, Lower control arm ball joints L&R, New inner and outter tie rods L&R, New driver side wheel bearing, New Driver side axle, New brake pads, New driver side...
  10. General Discussion EP3
    Anyone know where I can get some reliable info on upgrading my EP3 engine in N/A mode. I am looking for some shops in Northern Bergen County, NJ that have a good rep for giving the right advice and selling good parts. Unless there are some RELIABLE websites that have a good rep. Been burned a...
  11. Exterior Mods RSX
    I recently bought a type r wing from and when it came time to install. the wing was wider than the hatch. soo... im just sketched out by websites that are not proven. Anyone know of any reliable sites? thanks.
  12. Turbo RSX
    I want to buy a turbo kit for my rsx this spring and I have been looking at a few different options. I am looking to see what some of you guys would recomend, I want to just run low boost on my stock engine (a2) this year and build my engine next winter. So to keep it short what is a good...
  13. Turbo RSX
    Hey guys, I've been on my greddy turbo set up for just about a year now and am currently running 440cc injectors and only on a 2.5" exhaust. I use this car for a DD and just recently racked up a bunch of miles driving back and forth to school. she's almost at 120k My questions is... I'm...
  14. Southern Cali
    hi guys, got a check engine light the other day and finally scanned it today. turned out its a knock sensor, code P0325. does anyone know of a reliable mechanic that can fix it quickly? thanks!:deadhorse:deadhorse
  15. Southern Cali
    hey guys! looking for recommendations on a reliable rsx mechanic in the Los Angeles area. i need basic work done, nothing complicated, but would prefer a mechanic that knows their way around an RSX. thanks!
  16. Vehicles For Sale EP3
    HELLO ALL i am selling my ep3 i am in a bind for money the car is a very good ride an reliable the cars motor messed up when i first got it the motor has been rebuilt at the very machine shop i work at kadant black clawson. the transmission has $1900 in it. the motor has about 1200 in it after...
  17. Southern Cali
    Im from OC.. specifically Irvine/Aliso Viejo area,but most of the time San Pedro/torrance/Rancho Palos Verdes area where my workplace is, i would like to know where's the best place for rotor resurfacing. I need the reliable, reputable and reasonable shops but most of all known for good reviews...
1-18 of 75 Results