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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Dudes threads are all selling/trading but none had tyre specs
  2. Supercharger EP3
    Had an idler pulley freeze a bearing on the highway after about 60,000 miles.....the bearings are NGK and have removable seals....grease those puppies with some high temp wheel bearing grease or watch the pulley get eaten when the bearing fails.
  3. Canada West
    Was going through some old bookmarks and found this place. Haven't been here in ages. Anyone remember me? I was the guy who help perfect the blacking out of the RSX's chrome lights (when they were chrome). Did a few dozen of them for members. Anyway, time passed, I got married, got rid of the...
  4. Canada East
    Hi galen Hi daywick and everyone~~ how are you doin? haven't been on crsx for long time since i've left Toronto! I just wanted to update with you guys. and also i wanted to thank you all again for coming out on the meet last year before i was a huge success~ its been a year already...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    I had this site that I found in a thread on here bookmarked but I formatted my computer and lost the bookmark. I was going to see if anyone could point me in the right direction... from what I remember it was a small company if not one guy and they had all kinds of wheel decals and center cap...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Okay guys I'm looking to purchase a set of Privat Remember wheels by Konig from DiscountTireDirect. I'm wanting the ones that have the 2 and a half inch lip. I need to know if both 17x9 sizes have a 2 and a half inch lip or if the lip size varies based on offset. I want the 17x9 with a +35...
  7. Videos EP3
  8. Florida
    And this is what i did would've been a beast if i had kept it.. This is what you all know me having now with last wheel setup: a lot more aggressive.. And this is presently what I have..Volk TE37's in Rays Black Chrome finish..the INGS bumper is getting repainted, stock bumper is...
  9. Canada East
    click on the link below for more details
  10. Canada West
    click on the link below for more details
  11. North East
    click on the link for more details
  12. RSX vs. All
    So, I've never discussed my races but thought it would be good to hear everyones' opinions on them. If anything seems incorrect, feel free to point it out and i'll respond accordingly. So mine is 06 Type S w/ DCRH and Apex'i n1 exhaust, now. Blue = No mods at the time Green = DCRH and Apex'i N1...
  13. General RSX Discussion
    I can't remember the member's name who own's that JGM at the top of the page. Can anyone help me out? I searched and looked through a few JGM threads but didn't see any pics of his/her car.
1-13 of 45 Results