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  1. Southern Cali
    Im from OC.. specifically Irvine/Aliso Viejo area,but most of the time San Pedro/torrance/Rancho Palos Verdes area where my workplace is, i would like to know where's the best place for rotor resurfacing. I need the reliable, reputable and reasonable shops but most of all known for good reviews...
  2. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I just had my flywheel resurfaced at a machine shop and they told me that due to how much they took off (25 thousands of an inch) that I would need a flywheel shim because the flywheel is 25 thousands away from the engine and the release bearing will be as well so it will not function normally...
  3. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    i have been looking everywhere on the internet and different forums then i got a oem never resurfaced flywheel.this is how much i should be expecting when getting my flywheel back after getting can trim off and lighten it up but my main concerns is the middle part...the answer...
  4. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hello everyone, i need new brake pads and have been told it is a good idea to get the rotors resurfaced at the same time so everything is like new when the pads fit themselves to the rotors (if that makes any sense). now i called up advanced auto parts and they say that is not common to...
  5. The DIY Garage RSX
    On my last brake change I change both my rotors and pads. Now it is time for new pads. Should I resurface my rotors when changing to new pads? I've asked a few people but some say I do not need to and some say I do to make sure both pads and rotors are flat. If I do not need to I'll just...
  6. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Sup CRSX, i want to install my OEM flywheel, but it collected rust because it was left outside..i want to resurface it before installing. Anyone know of any shops that do it locally around the Long Beach/Cerritos Area?
  7. North East
    Looking for a place in NJ, south jersey if possible, to resurface my flywheel. Anyone know of a shop?
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey Guys..question i just got my brake pads changed and i resurfaced all 4 of my rotors after it was done..i test drove it and everything was fine until i hit about 50+mph and i start to notice my steering wheel starts to shake/vibrate...or shivering as my dad said when he test drove it...this...
  9. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Besides pulsating or uneven breaking what other ways can you tell the condition of your rotors visually ect??Aprox how long to stock rotors last before resurfacing?
  10. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I ordered the exedy stage 1 clutch kit but im just wondering what happens if i dont resurface the flywheel and just install the new clutch. THANKS
  11. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    anyone have an idea of about how much it costs to have a stock flywheel resurfaced?
  12. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    So i have called every shop in my city almost and no one will touch them. I have searched clubrsx and the interent to find out that some say its not even possible. I however have also seen that it is still possible. So what should i do about getting some slotted rotors resurfaced.
  13. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Just like the title say. Is it important? How much should I pay for it to be done? And what else should I need to know about replacing the brake pads? Any helpful tip would be appreciated. This is going to be my first time doing this. (Brake Pads that is.) Trying to save money by doing it...
  14. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    i'm changing my brakes myself to the brake mods below. but i dont have any money for rear rotors so i'm going to keep them stock. would i need to resurface the rear rotors since i'm changing the pads? if i need to, i would just go ahead and get everything done at brake check. i know some people...
  15. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    The Acura Techs told me that the RSX fly wheel cannot be resurfaced cause of the material that it is made out of. What do you guys think? has anyone resurfaced their flywheels with good results? I am about to throw in a Spec 3 clutch on their and dont want it slipping cause of this
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    after about 2yrs of driving around in my JDM lights the lenses are starting to look old and worn. its more obvious because of the smoked casing instead of chrome. pitted, swirls, blemishes are just a few of the things wrong with the lense surface. is there a way to resurface the lenses?
1-16 of 18 Results