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  1. Getting rid if caked on brake dust/rust

    Wheels & Tires
    Just picked up a set of rare weds, but the previous owner had mistreated them and had not cared for them over a whole north east winter. So there is caked on brake dust and brake rust that I spent an hour Getting 1/4 of the wheel about 60% clean. Any suggestions? I do plan to get these wheels...
  2. Few parts i need to get rid of 02-04

    Part Outs RSX
    Hi all I got 02-04 oem type s side skirts nhbp but wrapped in pearl white currently $30 Stock oem bose radio comes with code $30 fujita short ram intake $35 RandL plastic door handle w trim from door panel $10 rubber housing to seal the bulbs in the headlights $10 OEM Axels right and left...
  3. Getting Rid Of Some Parts!!! DMV

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Whats Upp Im From The DMV Area I Got Some Stuff From Rsx Im Trying Rid Of Pick Up Would Be Easy But Im Willing To Ship.. Ill Put Up Pictures As Soon As I Get Home. Tan Front And Rear Seat Tan Carpet Tan Center console Tan Trunk Pannels 04 Stock Front And Rear Shock And Spring Neuspeed...
  4. How do I get rid of this light

    General Discussion EP3
    This light
  5. Looking to get rid of my Race Header- What options do I have?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I have a base automatic with a type-s DCRH and a 05-06 exhaust. I want to get rid of the race header and run a oem exhaust manifold and cat, but would prefer to keep the 05-06 type-s exhaust. What is the easiest way to achieve this without modification? Can I run a type s exhaust manifold +...
  6. My Step-by-Step Solution to Get Rid of Dash Vibration

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    This is long overdue but here it is finally. It's actually pretty simple. I got the following garage door bottom weather seal from Home Depot. Just in case there is ever an issue with the pictures it is Frost King Garage Door Bottom Weatherseal, 2 3/4" x 10' and is one long strip. It needs...
  7. how to get rid of my car

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I live in the east bay, CA. Does anyone know how I can get rid of my rsx (and still get some kind of money out of it)? It's a 2004 RSX-S. It has a number of problems and I don't have the $$, know-how, or time to do anything with it. It failed smog (visual said "tampered") It is missing the...
  8. Help me get rid of the tan interior!

    Interior Mods RSX
    I have all tan interior and i am doing the Type-R interior but need all the black pieces to help pull that off. I'd prefer to find a place that sells everything brand new but cant find anything on an OEM Acura site that isn't going to burn in a hole in my wallet. Im really not picky but if you...
  9. Few parts Left over ... Just trying to get rid of um

    Part Outs RSX
    Well Let me know what you need! Im trying to get out of debt.. EMAIL = Best response [email protected] Tweets make offer DIG Industry Harness bar w/ all hardware 100 picked up, 140 shipped, OEM 02 Center Console w flip lid 50 picked up, 90 shipped Ingalls rear Camber Kit 80...
  10. getting rid of stuff!!

    Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    up for sale: -Front p1 lip all black (sold) -Foggies ~35 without bulbs 50 with bulbs~bulbs are 3k -Funtion and form type II coils: less then 1k miles on them ride awesome (sold) -Club rsx headers the guy i bought them from said he put about 1000 miles on them i put about another 1000 on...
  11. Finally got rid of it, just needs some paint :))

    Member Show-Off RSX
    So I bought my car in june of 2010. I purchased a 2002 pwp rsx-s It had a "vader" body kit on it when I purchased it. being on a full time college student budget it was hard to find the money to fix the car. The car is not completely finished yet but will be soon. Before: This was when I...
  12. Somehow developed some mold in the backseat of my car. How do I get rid of it?

    Car Care RSX
    I had a lab coat in the back of my car for a while and when I removed it, there it was. It smells pretty bad and whatever I googled hasn't worked. It's in the perforations so I assume it'll be a little difficult. Is there anything I can do before I take it in to be cleaned?
  13. Leftover parts ~ must get rid of asap

    Part Outs RSX
    hey i have up for sale... JDM WINDOW VISORS - $100 MUGEN FRONT LIP - $330 OEM REPLICA FOGLIGHTS w/ Lamin-X - $35 here are some pictures: *MUGEN FRONT LIP* *JDM WINDOW VISORS* *OEM REPLICA FOGLIGHTS* Note: -The visors are missing some clips (2 on each side) -Foglights does not...
  14. Getting rid of things

    Suspension & Brakes RSX
    I'm selling all extra parts from my RSX; NOT a part out for stock parts, just extra things.. No defects, no issues. Just got a new car and these things are just collecting dust. All items are OBO; low ballers not welcomed. the list follows: Side markers - NEVER installed SOLD Rear lower control...
  15. FS: dc tie bar, and some oem stuff

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Selling a few items that I don't need anymore and they're just taking up space in my garage, willing to ship if buyer pays shipping + paypal fees text for faster response 9099748661 dc sports rear lower tie bar $50 obo front license plate holder for 05-06 $20 spark plug cover $10...
  16. Getting rid of stuff

    West For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I have some leftovers from when I owned the RSX. All these parts are local pickup only. I can meet with the mats, intake, or tire; but I don't have a car big enough for the bumper or seats to fit in. Located in Edmonds. 1. OEM front floor mats, decent shape. Just washed. Drivers side has normal...
  17. case close

    Problems & Solutions RSX
  18. How to get rid of rust from up north

    Car Care RSX
    So I have a 03 RSX, and im trying to do small performance stuff here and there since it is my DD. But the problem is my car came from NY and every time I try to do something I can never get my bolts or screws off because they are all rusted. So I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to...
  19. Getting rid of rsx pieces everything $20/less each/obo going to sell junkyard on sund

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    ALL EXCELLENT CONDITION NOTHING WRONG WITH IT MORE PICS OR INFO UPON REQUEST __________________ PICK UP OR SHIP_________________ it limits the amount of pics you can post so feel free to ask me for more also ill probably respond quicker threw text so feel free to...
  20. Some parts to get rid of!!!

    Canada West: For Sale & Want to Buy
    SOLD Fujita Short Ram Intake SOLD Megan stainless steel raceheader SOLD Greddy TI-C catback exhaust SOLD Progress rear sway/tie bar 24mm SOLD Skunk2 shift knob SOLD Ingalls rear camber kit SOLD Front and Rear Big RED authentic JDM Honda badge SOLD Hawk DTC-30 pads SOLD JDM yellow DRL bulbs SOLD...