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  1. Motorcycles
    Hi guys hope you will like this video :) Unlucky rider falls off his bike and rolls over the tarmac during Qatar Road Racing which took place on Loseil international Circuit. Rider fall off his bike العاب سيارات اجدد العاب السيارات
  2. Auto Talk
    Some local news around here you guys might like to read. Plasan also makes carbon body panels for C6 'Vettes too.
  3. Motorcycles
    Vibrater for motorcycle seat, anyone got this for their girl or anygirl who gets on the back of ur bike? Just wondering if you've gotten any "positive feedback" from them.
  4. Motorcycles
    Didn't see anything about this so figured I'd inform CRSX Enjoy:thumbsup:
  5. Motorcycles
    Hey guys i just got my bike permit and am enrolled for my safety course on the 13-14 of june..I also just bought my first bike. I took everyone's advice and stuck with a 2006 Suzuki GS500. Any advice and pointers for a first time rider is appreciated guys
  6. For Sale
    I sold my bike but still have a few things lying around. I have a mens large alpinestar yellow/black jacket in excellent 9/10 condition, I paid $300 selling for $150 (i have everything that came with it including the insulated cold weather insert) this jacket is not leather it is a woven mesh...
  7. Motorcycles
    dude i practiced all yesterday and i cant believe how simple it was cause i knew how to drive stick my experiacnce was great now i cant wait to get my permit haha
  8. Motorcycles
    Since i dont have insurance on my bike, im not able to ride for a while. So i decided to just head up in my car and take pics. Lemme know what you think:dontknow: yes i was itching to ride....:firemad: Pig killed the day
  9. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    is there a point at which lowering your car too low reduces cornering ability?..not talking about rubbing in the fender wells cuz thats obvious..
  10. Motorcycles
    One of the guys on a SM board I hang on has been doing some funny "how to" videos for newer riders. They are reasonably amusing and might help some of you young delinquents live to to be annoyingly fast old bastards. (not that I know anything about being annoying or old...) Howzit done Leaning...
  11. Motorcycles
    Anyone know the name of the black dude that was in the funny ESPN commercial where they were telling him what clothing to wear?
  12. Canada East
    VIDEO: SPECS: PICTURES: I grew up on this show. I'm definitely watching this!
  13. Motorcycles
    i'm having a hard time finding a jacket that fits me right. i'm about 6'6, fairly skinny, but have pretty wide shoulders. boots, gloves, and pants, surprisingly haven't been a problem in terms of fit. most of the jackets i've tried on have been either short in arm length, short in torso length...
  14. Motorcycles
    A friend of mine had an accident last saturday night at about 11 P.M. here is the story... there were no withness except the girl that was the driver of the SUV...I dont really care about TPD and all the media around here anymore cus...
1-15 of 32 Results