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  1. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I have the speaker wire and Twisted Pair RCA running on the back seat driver side, then all the way back on floor, then 90 degree turn to passenger side where the amp will be Should I leave the wires there or run them through the rear speaker hole and between the car body and then 90 degree...
  2. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    For those of you who have run new speaker wires..... On the front doors did you go through the rubber boot between the car and the door OR Just run the wires next to the boot and tuck between boot and door?
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I finally finished my k24a4 swap into my car and may have got the heater hoses mixed up. I had to use cut-to-fit hoses. Does anyone have a picture or diagram for correct routing? like to and from the hard water pipe? Thanks
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    *** I DON'T NEED ECU PINOUTS*** I do need to know what goes to what goes to what. I am working on a 98 Integra GSR with a K20a2 swap. I have the Integra Circuit Routing, but I need the other half, which would be the RSX circuit routing for the Ignition. I need to figure out where this...
  5. Supercharging RSX
    I have a JRSC with a 4.0 pulley. Does anyone have the belt routing diagram? I have used a 81.5 belt and it seems to long. I have tried 79.5 seems to short plus the 80 seems short too. Im using stock auto tensioner. Its on a stock K20a2.
  6. Engine Building & Design
    I have my motor out, changing clutch, dif, and timing chain in since my motors out im tucking a couple of things in my bay. One thing im hoping to get rid of is the coolent line that goes from my thermostat to my heater core and all the lines that feed off of it. Including the lines to my iac...
  7. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    what was the best route to go with this? i have it through the firewall, but how do i take off the kick panel etc to hide the wire?
  8. Supercharging RSX
    Some background information... I have a K24A2 motor with a Comptech Supercharger but no A/C. Why do I feel like I have my belt routed wrong lol.. I think I might get some decent belt slip even with the jmercado power steering bracket. Not much belt wrap around my blower pulley... I ran...
  9. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Hey guys, I am fixing to re-route my power wire. I originally had it running behind the glove box, but I want to route it down the left side of the car now. Have any of you successfully done this? and if so, how? Thanks for your time!
  10. Turbo RSX
    Sup folks, I've been a lurker for a while here and I'm in the process of helping a buddy install his Full-Race Stg2 GT kit on his 03 RSX. Only issue I'm running into now is figuring out how to route the oil return line. The placement of the turbo makes this line longer than typical setups and I...
  11. All Motor RSX
    For those that are running without an A/C compressor, how did you route your belt. I've looked at it and without the a/c pulley the belt rubs against it self at the water pump pulley. Also what belt size did you get?
  12. Turbo RSX
    I almost finished my turbo install today, but the only thing that is kinda bothering me is the routing of my oil feed line. I took out the oil pressure sensor and put in the brass fitting, tightened it down. Then put no the block and tightened that down, and then put on the feed line fitting...
  13. Turbo RSX
    on the cn set up.. is this possible? i would think so.. how would this affect my af ratio??
  14. Turbo RSX
    i have 750cc injectors so what targer idel AF should i put in for.. under ideal for the lamba? also where or how did ya route your usb cable for kpro?
  15. Turbo RSX
    Couple of routing questions: 1) On the Boost gauge: Coming off the T-connector, that vac. lines runs to where? And im assuming another vac. line connects to other side of T-connector <not in instructions>, but connects to where? 2) BOV adapters/weldments, which on to use? Both OD's are the...
  16. Turbo RSX
    How is everyones intercooler piping ran? Whether its a top mount or bottom mount manifold i would like to see how everyone runs theirs. I'm gonna get my intercooler piping custom made or do it myself and i want to see what the best way to route the i/c piping would be. Pictures or Diagrams would...
  17. Turbo RSX
    Alright after nearly 15 hours straight workin on this greddy kit, I am almost done. I'm already confident in my ability to hose what I have together, but I want to run it buy the gurus first. I currently have his boost source coming from his intake manifold's vacum line... then split off to...
  18. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I need a diagram or pic showing how the drive belt is routed through/around the pulleys. Thanks in advance, Dave
  19. Turbo RSX
    don't get pissy i searched for this, but i was wondering if any of the kits avail have the dumptube routed back into the downpipe/exhaust any replies are appreciated thanks
1-19 of 24 Results