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  1. Anybody run serious nitrous setups with Ktuner?

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I've been slowly piecing together my 05' RSX Type S for the last 3 years. Finally making good ground and want to ask before committing to a specific ECU. Plan to run an Innovate PSN-1 Nitrous/AFR gauge that has a bunch of neat fail safes built into it's programming which should help keep...
  2. What valves do you run in turbo rsx?

    Turbo RSX
    I’ve been searching and there is little information about failures or success with different valves. I was reading that ferrea 6000 are good but they’re not designed to run with a turbo. I was thinking about ferrea comp plus but I wanted to find out if anyone has been running the 6000 or any...
  3. Help with K20z3 in rsx how to run flashpro

    ECU Tuning RSX
    HI there guys I read up on what I could but Im still a little bit confused and was hoping someone here could help me out. So for the past 2 years ive been running a 2009 K20Z3 with a 2002 type s harness and K20R Mugen Racing Ecu. I dont have any problems with the ecu, but it blocks the obd port...
  4. Handful of issues out of no where car won't run! Electrical maybe???

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I don't know where else to turn to, about 4 weeks ago I lost second gear randomly and decided it to not drive the car until my new trans got here, however 2 weeks ago when I started the car again I noticed the car had the battery light and check engine on with 4 codes (camshaft position...
  5. No power to #2 injector during run mode

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Vehicle: 2002 Acura RSX type S - VIN JH4DC53062C019119 Problem/Issue: Engine has misfire during start-up; No power to #2 injector during run mode; engine runs for approximately 7 seconds and shuts off. Diagnosis: • Ran compression check on all cylinders #1- 230psi, #2- 235psi, #3- 230psi, #4...
  6. Which offset to run for 17x10?

    Wheels & Tires
    Im currently running 17x9+18 and it seems to be just about the perfect offset for the x9s while running 255 Toyo RR racing slicks. Wondering what offset would set the tire at a similar location to the 17x9+18!
  7. Blinking CEL after top speed run

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I did a top speed run and hit 135. Hurray for me, except that after I hit the top speed run, I went to neutral and the car died. Started it back up and it was flashing the CEL and was misfiring. I plan to take it to Autozone tomorrow to see what happened. Could it be possible that I broke...
  8. Please hellppp!!! Rsx wont run

    Forum Threads
    Alright so please keep the hate to a minimal, I know I'm stupid but I don't need that right now. I was doing a 1st gear pull and before the end of 3rd gear about 8000 rpm (I can redline 8600) my engine made a kind of fart/pooping noise. My cel, battery, and oil light came on. I lost power...
  9. MN *CHAT* We Gone Racing, Randy Makes His Return, & We Still Run The Midwest!

    Mid West
    :coffee: Sage0021 509 korney 352 Ransom 276 Kevybro 249 MITeggy17 186 DC5nv 123 sinzdc5 99 jamesl85 45 Fuccboi 5 ashinsky 5 itskien 3 EDU 1 Andy. 1 overlap king 1
  10. Won't run after clutch install

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just finished installing a new clutch, throwout bearing, and pressure plate. Got everything back together and had 1 bolt left over, 12mm bot thats about 3" long. I looked all over but couldn't figure out where it goes so I decided I would just see if the car would run despite the extra bolt...
  11. MN *CHAT* Choppers, Boxers, and Gold Errthang! We Run the MidWest!

    Mid West
    Newest chat thread. Who Posted? Ransom 399 Kevink121 363 sinzdc5 275 Sage0021 143 Captain Save-A-Ho 126 korney 120 jamesl85 113 itskien 113 GiddyUp02 61 dc2kid 50 MITeggy17 37 Andy. 18 ohyeahitskham 14 EDU 10 KrazyKarl 7 MajorLeague 5 .//K20A2 3 mr. fusion 1...
  12. Hit and run need help

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I was recently in a hit and run, it's pretty bad, I bought a new bumper taillights and also a new quarter panel but I noticed my car wobbles when I drive, the rear passenger side ( where I was hit ) the wheel isn't straight it's at an angle can anyone help me and tell me what's going on?
  13. Both fans don't run unless I pull the fuse out

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    A couple days ago I got the code P0217 and looked into it. It seemed to be an overheating problem, but the car was not actually overheating much unless I was stopped. AC also only worked when I was moving so I narrowed it down to the fans. Here's the thing: both fans do not run by themselves...
  14. MN *CHAT* Phoenix feathers and weekend trips to MEXICO we still run the MIDWEST!

    Mid West
    Ransom 497 jamesl85 356 Kevink121 259 sinzdc5 188 korney 165 dc2kid 129 itskien 65 Sage0021 46 Andy. 28 MITeggy17 26 AzianK 21 yang4lyfe 17 mikehelker 15 KrazyKarl 9 EDU 8 Agent Smith 6 MNDC5 5 overlap king 4 Rilez187 4 silverpikachu 2...
  15. 17x9.5 + 18x9.5 possible to run?

    Wheels & Tires
    Looking at this for sale post with these larger tires, would I be able to run this setup? I know I will need to roll the fenders if I go lower as well as take out the fender liners themselves, but would I be able to ride on those without...
  16. will a3 ecu run a jdm base k20a

    ECU Tuning RSX
    Long story short blew my base rsx motor and ordered a base k20a jdm motor . Will the stock ecu from the a3 run this motor .if not wat sensors or ecu do I need.thanx :confused:
  17. 6th Annual Vancouver Island Poker Run for Camp Shawnigan

    Canada West
    Poker Run Registration form is now up and live. It is hosted by, big thanks to Matt. When you go to the page you will notice a hovering menu bar with the option to "Register". That is to register for, if you go to the bottom of the form you will see the actual...
  18. ignition coil rubber boot came off, safe to run without ?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    i just changed my spark plugs and the 4th had a melted ignition coil rubber boot. i successfully removed it and replaced the spark plug. is it safe to run without that rubber boot on the bottom of the ignition coil ?
  19. Minnesnowta *CHAT* We run this shit (Midwest official turbo chat)

    Mid West
    Let the non sense continue Ransom 650 Sage0021 252 jamesl85 242 Kevink121 236 sinzdc5 148 dc2kid 76 korney 68 fightthisfight 60 KrazyKarl 34 Agent Smith 25 Extra Krispy 17 ohyeahitskham 14 FurY 12 EDU 6 AsianBob 5 TyWick7 4 '06Siguy 4 vang004 2 ihazvtak 2 715-DC5 2
  20. Vraceworks is giving my cousin the run around.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My cousin has had his car being worked on for over a year. It is a "reputable" shop in the Tri-state area. RHD, paint, Built engine/tranny, turbo, interior, the works(aka a LOT of money invested). They keep inexplicably giving him the run-around saying it'll be done by a set date. The last...