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  1. Member Show-Off EP3
    picked up my new EP3 a few weekends back to replace my Glanza V. having a little lad i needed a bit more space in the back and it seemed like a great excuse to finally get one. i always knew i'd miss the boost and speed of the V but i was hoping the EP3 would make up for it in other areas and...
  2. Engine & Transmission RSX
    For Sale New in Box 2002-2006 Stainless Cat Back located in Joppa MD $100 takes it Call 410-802-6588 and leave message
  3. Everything Else
    Fruit of loom custom made short sleeve shirt Baby blue size medium preowned and preshrunk great for vinyl lovers or DJ's Asking $14 shipped to your door which includes paypal fee and delivery confirmation. PM me if interested.
  4. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Up for grabs are my Tekniq mats I used to run at shows. These are no longer in production so be one of the few to own a set. Comes with fronts and rears. The red circles in the photo are showing you that there is a 1 inch cut from the edge cause I had cusco B pillar bars and so I cut it to make...
  5. Everything Else
    Express fashion mens white shirt size Large button down short sleeve new without tags. color is true white (just shitty photos) Asking $25 priority shipped. (if using paypal, please add fee) PM me if interested.
  6. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Well i did the ebc green stuff with power slot rotors and.... I followed the break in procedure as per ebc's instructions and everything "seemed" to set, but i noticed that when i come to a slow stop, only the right rear brake squeks a little bit. Upon further inspection, i noticed that all...
  7. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Buddyclub S/S Is FUCKED! So yea, when im in gear, I can pretty much move the stick around as if I'm in neutral. I took off the center console to take a look, and i notice the side to side lever has a lot of play in it, From what i can tell there is no bolt that holds it in, just a pin, and...
  8. Supercharging RSX
    Comptech s/c Help!!!!! Well I installed my s/c and now I have no heat and get a check engine light so it's just sitting.It seems to me that the coolant isn't circulating from the radiator through the engine.The radiator doesn't get hot at all any ideas on this.Hope I don't have to tear the...
  9. Exterior Mods RSX
    does anybody know if the metal bushings that you buy separate from the revo s/s are the same as the ones that you "add" to your order, if you order a revo s/s? put it this way, you can order metal shifter bushings for $17 by them selves. or if you order a revo s/s you can "add" metal bushings...
1-10 of 10 Results