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  1. Wheels & Tires RSX
    i have a fresh set of enkei nto3's for sale. 18x9+40 18x8+30 $900 obo tires are 225/40/18 90% thread!!! really wanna sell these PRICE IS OBO!!!!! location all over the los angeles and san gabriel area.. wheels are in mint condition No shipping!! eddie 818 913 9458
  2. Northern Cali
    Where's a good place to buy this delicious Filipino bread? edit: And don't say Goldilocks!
  3. Car Care RSX
    Hey Homer2, not sure if you know but I figured I'd ask anyway. I e-mailed the [email protected] whatever Sals e-mail address is. I got the correct one, because I took it off of the zainobros website. I just cannot remember it off the top of my head. Anyway, I e-mailed him 3 weeks ago asking...
1-3 of 3 Results