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  1. Photography
    Yesterday I went to the 4th Annual Chrysler/Dodge Festival across the street from the Daimler Chrysler office in Irvine California. It was a huge meet mostly full of 300c, Chargers, and Challengers, with the diverse crowd ranging from DUB Magazine readers with Lamborghini doors to old school...
  2. Supercharging RSX
    Supercharged *CHAT* Thread Part LXV: Sam = no KNOCKS, Loza <3's D-Rob, and winterFTL Annnddd Go. - Derek
  3. Northern Cali
    Sam's Service Review: Hired Sam for a $50 HeadLight Restoration Service (+1 Pricing). Met up at Sam's house at 11:30AM. Sam got his tools all lined up and ready to work. The job was done in about 2 hours. He didn't waste any time trying to figure things out, he knew exactly what he needed...
  4. Car Care RSX Just saw this on Autopia, and figure I'd let my CRSX pals know about it. Seems like a really nice deal considering those are some nice brushes. I'd be checking my local Sam's Club now, but I don't have membership, and I don't have...
  5. Northern Cali
    hey guys anyone interested in a full car exterior detail let me know. PREP YOUR CARS FOR THE WINTER! located in san jose, 408 PICS ON PAGE 1,2,3 ALSO I DO SIDEMARKERS AND BLACKOUTS Sidemarkers: 60 bucks wired flawlessly by the master hands of Danvu. Blackouts: 100 if you guys have some...
  6. The DIY Garage RSX
    The dude knows his stuff :thumbsup:
  7. General RSX Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone knows if Sams Club uses a high-grade gas. I fill up with their premium 91 octanes and save a lot with being a sams club member but I don't know if this gas is cheap or just as good as Mobile, Shell, 76???
1-8 of 12 Results