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  1. Car Care RSX
    Parked my car under a tree. It jizzzed on my car. How do I remove it? I did a car wash and it didnt come off. I heard if I clay my car, it will remove it?
  2. Car Care RSX
    So in the beginning of august, my dad started re doing the ceiling beams in the garage because they started bowing, and i kept my car in a car port. I put my car back in the garage when i went on vacation, came home last night, and saw my car covered in sap on the hood, door, quarter panel, and...
  3. Car Care RSX
    what do you use to get rid of tree sap/ sticky stuff on your car? I need a product, sap is all over my damn car!!! :baby::coffee::pimp:stop::beerchug::thumbsup::firemad::):pray:ee::chillout:
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Sap from a damn tree. Scrubbed it off and this is what happened. Whats the best way of dealing with this? I used "scratch doctor" to no avail. Pissed now.. its a huge spot. Some reason the picture isnt working.... just click on the...
  5. Car Care RSX
    I got tree sap on my windshield recently. Dunno how but I scraped off the couple of globs that dried up using my nails, what would you guys recommend I use to clean up the rest. It's not a whole lot but enough to annoy me.:(
  6. DC Metro
    As in my previous thread, I work for Lockheed Martin. My manager is looking to fill jobs in our Reston, VA office. I'm just posting these up to see if anyone is interested. Current open positions looking to be filled: Windows Admins or Windows Systems Engineers (Clearance Preferred) : There...
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've been parking near some pine trees and forget they give off sap. I got some pine tree sap jucie liquid on my roof. Some are dryed and some bigger drops are still wet. What is a proper way to clean it without damaging my paint? :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. Car Care RSX
    ok so i parked under a tree during school. come out and i see millions of hair pin sized dots on my car. tree sap!! i washed and waxed my car but still they wont go away. what do i do?
  9. Car Care RSX
    hey guys I have some hard tree sap on my windows what should I remove it with. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  10. Car Care RSX
    hey guys. i think i have some dried tree sap on the side of my car. it's been there for a while now and it seems like its pretty much stuck there. i read around and searched and i read that claybarring should get it off but yesterday i clayed my car with mother's claybarring kit and it just...
  11. Car Care RSX
    In very hot weather I try to park under trees for the shade. Also at my house sometimes I park under a tree that is over my driveway. Inevitably, tree sap dripped on my car. My entire car is covered in tree sap "marks." It is easily visible on the windows, but only visible on the body when...
  12. Car Care RSX
    -_- looks like a tree dripped sap on my car... How do I remove it when washing? Its a little blob and its sticky :confused:
  13. Car Care RSX
    Ok, so ive had my RSX-S for about a week now. I went to wash it the other day and while drying it with the microfiber towel, i felt all these tiny little bumps and balls over the fenders, doors, hood etc. They look like sap bubbles, very tiny. But I need to know the proper way to remove them...
  14. Car Care RSX
    appearently tree sap fell on my car. i tried wiping it off but it doesn't work. it seems like it stuck and got hard. do you guys have any suggestions on how i can remove this? thanks.
  15. Car Care RSX
    eeerrr! i spent time this weekend to wash and beautify only to find a pine tree (across the street but upwind from where i parked) had spewed sap all over the hood and windshield! i almost shit a brick when i saw how much sap was on there. i got home as quick as possible and ended up getting...
  16. Car Care RSX
    Has any one seen or heard of this product, or used it? It's made by Stoners. Like $3.99. I saw it at PepBoys, looks like a new product b/c I've never seen it there before. It comes in an aerosal spray can like their "Invisible Glass" does. Claims to remove tar specks, tree sap, bugs, etc...
  17. Car Care RSX
    There's some sort of soda or sap residue on my drivers side door right below the window. I can't get it off for the life of me. I heard some people talking about clay bar? What is it exactly and what brand/amount should i get? thanks
  18. Car Care RSX
    Hey guys, just out of curiosity, How long will it take for tree sap to damage the cars finish? Would 2 days in the hot sun be okay? :shooting: all trees
  19. Car Care RSX
    What is the best way to remove tree sap? I have already washed my car a few times, but this damn sap just wont come off. I tried covering it with a cloth that was dipped in warm water ... didnt work. I got it all over my hood, and all over 1 side of my car with some HUGE spot that really stick...
  20. Car Care RSX
    Is it true that WD 40 will safely remove tree sap from my car?? Will it harm the paint at all?? Has anybody done this successfully?? Thanks
1-20 of 22 Results