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  1. Auto Talk
    I work at a Used car dealership and i get to drive what ever car i want from the dealership. Being it was what i discussed with during my salary deal. Everyday my choice of cars i would take home are smaller cars like the civic or corolla being i live an hour away from my job and wanting to save...
  2. Supercharging RSX
    I have BCRH, CAI, HKS HI Power, BC Valve train, 750cc injectors and JRSC. My car only made 240 whp. My supercharger doensn't wine, I hear the intake more than the supercharger. Did the guy tune it right?
  3. Turbo RSX
    Its been over a year and 15,000 miles since I first got my turbo. Since then I had a blown motor and a list of minor issues that were addressed and fixed. It has been tuned from 317whp to 343whp to 396whp to date. I drive my car over 65 miles every day to work, and I full boost on the highway...
  4. General RSX Discussion
    I know I am. Any others have their car that way and can find it to be satisfying as is?
  5. Supercharging RSX
    To all comptech sc owners i have the funds to order sc and was wondering if anybody wasnt satisfied with the power im planing to order stage 2 but want some feed back will i be blown away by the power or?????? any feed back postive or negtive would be deeply appreciated :) ps i dont plan to...
  6. Lighting RSX
    Even though it took about two weeks for him to get ahold of the projectors,bulbs, and ballast b/c of a shortage of supply, they finally came today. I am very very please with his work. Its very professional, no leaks, drips of glue, no scratches, nothing, they look mint, like they should from...
  7. Exterior Mods RSX
    Installed my Type R replica tonight. Looks amazing! Mine was not damaged or scratched at all and the paint seems to match perfectly (although I haven't seen it in daylight yet). Anyone considering getting one should definately order from him. My only complaint is that the drill holes in my...
  8. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    I raced last was 90 degress and dry as hell. The track was a little slick too. I launched between 4-5K and all my launches felt great. I shifted at 8600 1st 2nd and 3rd. I don't know what the hell I did wrong. I'm very dissatisfied at my 60' times too :jigglemad I ran about 4...
1-9 of 12 Results