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  1. Auto Talk
    PERFORMANCE? HANDLING? LOOKS? AFTERMARKET SUPPORT? POWER POTENTIAL?? im a diehard rsx-s fan but i like these cars too
  2. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  3. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hey guys I know this is an rsx specific site but Ive been on here for so many years I felt it was only right to share my newest project. I was actually selected to compete in the scion tuner challenge with the new 2014 Scion tC.
  5. Canada East
    Sunday September 22nd @ TMP, Cayuga 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Event highlights Canada's Largest Time Attack Championship Ontario's Largest Drift Championship Sonax Tuner Cup Show & Shine Championship Canada's Fastest Sport Compact Drag Cars Official Scion Tuner Challenge Competition Free spectator...
  6. Car Care Showoff RSX
    Sully’s Detailing LLC of South Florida 2012 Scion FRS “Minor Paint Correction” The owner bought this vehicle new from a local dealership here in South Florida, the vehicle only had 100 miles when he bought it. The minute he bought he I received a phone call saying that the vehicle was swirls...
  7. Canada East
    Incase you missed all the action at Round 3, check out our event recap video: CSCS 2012 - Round 3: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Presented by SpecLube / Motul - YouTube Sunday August 19th, 2012 @ TMP, Cayuga 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Spectators - $20 Gate admission Kids 12 and under free Free parking...
  8. Car Care Showoff RSX
    This car looked quite nice on arrival, the dealer prep and damage was done though. The major area of concern was the front bumper as even heavy compounding wasn't removing the random scratch marks. Otherwise we have a near 100% corrected vehicle. Wash: CG CWC + MGS Green Stuff Zymol Wash Sponge...
  9. Car Care Showoff RSX
    First of all, I want to tell everyone that if you are taking delivery from Cambridge Scion... Make sure you tell them, yell at them, and put it in paperwork to not touch the car. Dealer claims to have not done any prep, but there was insane swirls for a brand new car. Car was in poor shape for...
  10. General Discussion ILX
    Here's another issue with the ILX! Spiritually, the ILX coupe (expected as a MY14) is intended to succeed the RSX, which succeeded the Integra. Coupes, less than $30k... Japanese. Would you take the Acura ILX or Scion FR-S? The Scion FR-S is going to be the lighter, funner, sportier car as...
  11. Auto Talk
    This thread is for this vehicle only. Keep the retarded comments to a minimum and make sure it's thread specific. We don't need trolls coming in with comments that don't relate to anything constructive. Most information regarding this vehicle can be found on toyobaru and ft86club :fyea...
  12. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Okay so here is the deal. I absolutely need a car ASAP. I would like to pick up a base or S RSX, GTI, or Scion TC. Manual is 100% Preferred but not required. I am willing to fly anywhere in the United States of A to find this car. The only thing I require are serious sellers. This is...
  13. Canada East
    Hey guys, just thought I'd post up a bit of good news for my team and I... The 3 finalists for the 2011 Canadian Scion Tuner Challenge have been announced on the website. ( We are very pleased to announce that Team TDS is one of the...
  14. Auto Talk
    hey i made this thread two days ago but it got deleted some how. soo i just really wanted more ppls opinion b4 i make a decision. ok soo i have an 06 scion tC, i want to trade it for an 05 rsx type s. but if i do i would have to put about over $3k on top. soo im just asking you do you this the...
  15. Wheels & Tires
    Will 05-06 RSX Type-S OEM wheels fit on 2007 Scion TC? Both have 5 nugs What is the original tires on 05-06 RSX Type-S? Thank you!
  16. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Hello everyone! Okay so I wana sell my 2006 tC. This is my pride and joy. I have taken extremely good care of her and she is immaculate! I'm hoping to give this to a good owner. ***SO CAL*** OPEN TO TRADES (looking for a Honda s2000 preferably, will ad money on top if needed) Upkeep info...
1-16 of 72 Results