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  1. Glass Scratch Repair

    North East
    Anyone know of a good spot in the North Jersey area where they can buff out some hairline scratches I have on my windshield?
  2. nasty scratch.. need advice please

    Car Care RSX
    so some extremely jelous punk put a nasty scratch on the side of my car.... probably some idiot that i smoked in a race.... anyway i need some advice on what is the best way to remove the scratch and what should i use..... it appears as if they used some sharp object or maybe a car key...
  3. 5ZIGEN FN01R-C's IN HYPER SILVER (17in) MINT not one scratch

    Wheels & Tires RSX
  4. Carless me, learned a lesson, how can I fix this? (Screen scratch)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Was doing the bypass, grounding the 2nd wire, and it got scratched on the shifter (knob was off) Any to fix this?
  5. Fat Scratch On Windshield

    Car Care RSX
    i've had this fatty ass scratch on my windshield. its pretty deep like someone took a screwdriver to it lol =[ what can i use to fill it up with
  6. scratch repairs

    Car Care RSX
    Hi Guys, THis morning, I caught some punk kids ripping off an emblem off my car....fortunately, i got my emblem back, UNFORUTNATELY, there's some visible damage now....i dont know how/why, but seems like there was some kind of adhesive on it, and it looks like it had minor scratch marks, sorta...
  7. Deep scratch on my PWP's bumper

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    What's the best touch up paint to buy? Can I paint it with just the touch up and make it look new still?
  8. Debating to paint scratch lug nuts

    The DIY Garage RSX
    I'm thinking of painting used rays lug nut that I purchased from some one. I was wondering if anyone have tried painting any sort of lugs?
  9. when was your first scratch?

    General RSX Discussion
    i was washing my car today and noticed a scrape on the outer lip of my right front wheel. i wasn't really happy about this, and remembered that i parked too close to the curb one day and when backing out i caught the curb with the wheel. it isn't too noticeable, 4 inches but it's right by the...
  10. Scratch X? before wax/after wax?

    Car Care RSX
    Well i kinda have a slight scratch along the driver side and when i detail my car next week i wanna use the scratch X product. Should i use it before i clay bar? before polish? before wax? i dunno when i should use it. thanks a bunch
  11. head light scratch

    Exterior Mods RSX
    i was checking my 06 rsx-s for minor imperfections and i saw on the passanger headlight there is a pebble scratch. Is there a way to get it out? i was looking at headlight protector film and if i am going to get some i wanna get the smoked out black film, but i do not know if it is illegal and...
  12. Dyno Tuning from scratch on pump gas (on average, how many pulls is needed?)

    Turbo RSX
    for those of you with turbocharged cars who have gotten dyno tuned on K-Pro (Tuned from scratch for a pump gas tune)... how many pulls on the dyno did your tuner do? I am just curious because i went with a friend to go get his car tuned at a well known shop in Northern California and the "so...
  13. Builting Greddy kit from scratch- cheaper

    Turbo RSX
    Does anyboby know what size inlet and outlet Greddy turbo have for rsx-s kit. I found out the turbo is a 16g. I what to buy a turbo that is close to that. If some one can post pics of turbo close up I can probably figure it out. I will let you guy know how to buy Greddy kit for half price if i...
  14. DIY *pics* Paint Scratch Removal !

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hello fellow CRSXer's! First of all, I want to thank a great guy Skhou that actually did this B4. This thread is simple a supplemental guide to his, and might help you answer questions that he may have missed. MAKE SURE you read EVERYTHING in his thread b4 u look at this. Although I did it...
  15. Scratch on front bumper, HELP

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I was in a parking garage and I was kind of on a slant(going downward) and I got a text message and so I was trying to look at my text message, well.... I took my foot off the brake, just not paying attention. My car rolled forward and slammed into the pole/barrier, on my front bumper I now...
  16. headunit scratch remover?

    Car Care RSX
    So the headunit in my car right now has a little bit of minor scuffs from people sitting in my car who love rubbing their fingers all over the headunit. theres some small swirls and minor scratches. I heard some people have luck with using some kind of scratch remover or polish and having fairly...
  17. What are some working Swirl remover & Scratch removers

    Car Care RSX
    name the ones u got that Actually WORK please thanks..
  18. Scratch X won't work?

    Car Care RSX
    i bought the scratch X and try to use it on few scratches and i might have done wrong procedure. but i still see the scratches. how long you have to let it set before you wipe it off. :smilemad:
  19. Small scratch on the back bumper. Acura dealer?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Okay so i was backing out of my friends house and this old lady parks her car right in the middle of the road. she waves me on and i pull out but i have no idea what happened then it ends up as a streak of white on my back bumper. its not that noticeable but, i was wondering if acura could do...
  20. Bumper Scratch fixed w/ Lip? (Pic)

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Do you guys think a Lip will cover this up? or will I need to get some Touch up paint. I know def. the bottom scratch but what about the upper scratch? Thanks CRSX