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  1. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hi so my front lip has a pretty bad scrape through the clear coat and paint. I am trying to change the color of the car i just dont know if i should apply plastidip or vinyl to the damaged plastic lip. Thank you guys for your help. Ill post pics of the damage.
  2. Mid West
    RSlowXS 329 G8way 238 jahong16 190 Silver Knight 150 sunnynotcloudy 136 Jraymond 136 hick08 126 SilverS-STL 105 ******** 86 adio3x 82 My06_types 66 dabster 58 drivelikeyastoleit 40 STL_RSX-S 23 ADG 19 Drock24 17 CarlosSpicyWeiner 16 devinclark 14 hellaslowteg 5 sh0k 4 K20ZFTMW 2 combsy18 2...
  3. Exterior Mods RSX
    So i'm walking out of work and i look at my car and notice something funny in the paint.. Some douche bag decided it would be funny if they scratched my paint and wrote "Disney" Any tips on how to fix this... or if it would even be worth initiating an insurance claim on this..
  4. Exterior & Interior EP3
    In good conidition. NHBP FRONT BUMPER. $200
  5. Exterior & Interior RSX
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    so my emblem got jacked from my car last fkin pissed you guys know if there is any way i can fix the scratch that someone used their key to steal my emblem? thanks
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I woke up yesterday morning and I found this.. Any solutions on how to solve this? Thanks CRSX
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Soo I scratched my side mirror on my 03 RSX against one of the walls in the parking lot and now not sure whats best way to go about it. I did a bit of research and found QUIXX supposedly would do a good job. My questions is: 1) It looks like I can see the primera or the steel. Can this be...
  9. Wheels & Tires RSX
    im looking to buy a set of te37 or ce28n that are scratched up, or has paint chips that you are willing to sell for cheap that you are willing to sell for a few bucks under a grand ill take it as long as it doesn't have any bad curb marks, or major damages i prefer 17's or 18's that are 8...
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Someone scratched my car,i think they used the keys,now it was white.. i'm just wondering where can i buy the color paint?My car was black.And I saw Walmart has the paint for scratch sales,but it for Honda is it match in 02Acura RSX?Or I need to buy the paint from dealer? THX dude
  11. Exterior & Interior RSX
    long story short- posted in northeast local pickup as well*** im the guy who built the front bumer in the diy section- drove it up to Providence from Philly- but im still working on making it durable in wet weather- and I dotn want to be driving around with nothing- so if anyone around...
  12. Canada East
    i just got my rsx about 3 weeks ago, an 05, with only 52000km on it, i got home today and noticed that there was a few scratches on the driver side of the rear bumper, UGH :firemad: does anyone know a good plaace i can go to get this fixed, i guess re-painted, im in the greater toronto area...
  13. Car Care RSX
    i have some scratches on my license plate that expose the bare silver metal. can i paint the white back on it? if so, how?
  14. General RSX Discussion
    a long pin stripe from the end of the door to the tank cover. its a deep gash too. my color is artic blue pearl, and i got alot of people who wants to buy my car. now the fukin value just went down.
  15. The DIY Garage RSX
    So did the DIY tail lights, they fine except I know I scratched my tail light underneath...its gonna look like shit when they vinyl eventually wears out and needs to be replaced. FYI for future red out the precut ones and do not take an exacto knife to your tail light, chances are...
  16. Canada East
    So I hit my rear quarter panel just now as the place was pretty dark and I was too close to a cement post. This is the passenger side. I have the horizontal scuff lines and some paint have chipped. It doesnt look very bad but Im not sure if it can be buffed off, or if I have to repaint the...
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    My passenger window is scratched from the inside. I know this because its leaving streak marks on the window tint and its not coming off so its scratching the window tint. My car is still under warranty and not sure if this is covered under warranty problems but I don't think the window should...
  18. Car Care RSX
    These are the photos of my passanger side rear quarter panel. As you can see there is a little bit of rust starting to show. I want to avoid further spread of rust and wanted your advice on how this will be done. Would they repaint the whole quarter panel or just a section around the scratch...
1-18 of 57 Results