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  1. 3000 rpm limp mode! **resolved**

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    What's up fellow members, maybe you could shed some light on my "dilemma". So I recently purchased and installed the following items from two different members of here on CRSX: Used Polished RBC Intake Manifold /already cut for the K20a2. Used Hondata Intake Manifold / already drilled for...
  2. A Question of Sealant

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Ok, so genuine Hondabond is $16 per tube... The Red RTV from AutoZone is $6/tube.... What's the difference? Is the Hondabond special? The only reason I ask I guess is because the owners manuals always say "only use genuine honda fluids...", be it oil, mtf, atf or even windshield washer fluid...
  3. hatch sealant

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    just recently got my hatch redone and I was wondering when i put everything back together, what do i use to reseal the area near the headliner?
  4. Sealant for headlight housings?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I searched and couldn't find anything please redirect me to a thread if there is one that covers this. Anyway, I'm planning on doing another set of DIY blackouts, however the first time I did it I guess I didn't seal it properly and the lenses hazed on the inside, probably due to it not sealing...
  5. Super Sealant Sale!!!

    Car Care RSX
    I hope it's OK to post this here, I feel this is the best place in terms of exposure, and I know I can't cross post with other forums. If there is a problem with my post, it can be locked, and I apologize in advance. Looking to clear out my car detailing supplies a little bit, and decided put...
  6. Polish+Shine+Sealant Chemical Guys 16oz new

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Clean up your ride and polish up your paint with this stuff. I bought a gallon of this stuff, but I think its more than I need at the moment. This was freshly made on 11/04/08 by chemical I split them up in 16oz and 8oz bottles. Description from site: Our First ever POLISH + SHINE +...
  7. Quick question about Poorboy wheel sealant

    Car Care RSX
    I just got my Pb wheel sealant, but I've found no detail instruction inside and I've never used any similar products b4. How long should I wait for it to cure on the wheel b4 I wipe it away? And can I put on the other layer immediately right after I wipe away the last layer? or I should wait...
  8. Which wheel protection sealant?

    Car Care RSX
    My friend told me there is a wheel protection spray or something which will protect the clearcoat of the rim and avoid brake dust. He said it's silicon based item. He recommended me to put those on when my rims arrive. So I did a search on the forum and I saw an very old post talking about...
  9. wolf gang deep gloss sealant any good?

    Car Care RSX
    well ive order sip a a few weeks ago and it works great but i didnt get the final polish so i just ordered it off autogeeks tonight along with wolfgangs deep gloss sealant, to those who tryed it, how do you like it? also this might be a silly question but is it ok to apply carnauba wax after...
  10. Sealant for silver...

    Car Care RSX
    So I'm going to clay bar, and I'd like to know what sealant/wax to use afterwards. I want it to last and retain the freshly clayed finish. What do you guys think?
  11. What type of sealant for cirlce in back of headlight?

    Lighting RSX
    I was wondering if DAP Kwik Seal Plus would be ok even though its ment for kitchen n bath. It adheres to plastic tile. thats the only palstic it says. but will it work for the rubber gorment? please answer quick im ready to do this if i can use this.
  12. How do I remove sealant?

    Car Care RSX
    How do I remove sealant? Will washing it with dawn work like if it was wax?
  13. Thread Sealant???

    Turbo RSX
    Well after sending the turbo back to Turbonetics for a rebuild and them sending it back, I got my car put back together last night and I have an oil leak. It is coming out of the fittings on the oil sending unit. So I have to take them off today and fix them. I bought some High Temperature...
  14. type r spoiler weather sealant?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    hi i'm about to install my spoiler tomorrow and i looked up a few threads about the weather sealant and etc... and am a bit confused okay so what i need for install are the type r spoiler, 4 bolts, 4 washers, and the sealant? the only thing i don't have is the sealant... or the black weather...
  15. DIY Blackout sealant problems...HELP!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I finally broke down and decided to blackout my headlights this weekend. On the first one though, I had problems with the sealant sticking to the chrome (see picture). Is there an easy way to get this off? I'm having a bitch of a time. Thanks in advance.
  16. sealant on headlights HELP!!

    Car Care RSX
    hey how can i get sealant off the headlight lense part...i got some sealant on it when i blacked out my headlights. any help would be appreciated thanks!
  17. Teflon or other Paint Sealant

    Car Care RSX
    has anyone tried this? Ive seen a lot of shops around here advertising sealents. Basically they strip the wax and spray on a teflon coating..then buff you out. the claim is "you'll never have to wax again" but we all know thats a load of crap. how long does the coating last for and does...
  18. Meguiars new sealant (pics)

    Car Care RSX
    Some of you guys might be interested in this. Meguiars has a new line of products out that will hit stores in early february. It is called the NXT line, the flag ship of the line if you will is a new fully synthetic protectant. Much like zaino, platinum, klasse, etc. this protectant uses...
  19. DIY headlight sealant

    Car Care RSX
    I had a friend paint my headlights black today. everything turned out great but we got a little "stock sealant" on the lense of my headlight(outside). i've been trying to get this sealant off my lenses all night. i've tried clay bar, goo gone, dishwashing detergent, even 409. but nothing seems...
  20. Difference between Paint Sealant and Wax?

    Car Care RSX
    What is the difference between the 2. Should I do both? I waxed my car recently and it always rain here in FL. I still get spots on the lower part of the car. Any brands you guys know for the paint sealant?