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  1. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hit it at about 75 mph. It was a full tread/tire lying on its side. Had cars on each side and couldn't avoid it. Car actually jumped in the air...landed on the front bumper and was like driving on ice. Besides the front-end damage, the engine runs rough, and a few mounts seem to be broken...
  2. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Hey I Have here a 2004 Acura Tsx Motor For Sale This motor is a semi-built motor with a few goodies. It has the following done to it: Two New Sleeves Machined and cleaned Block Bore and Honed New Bearings New Thrust washers New Rod Bolts Arp Head Studs New O.E.M Head Gasket New J.E 10.0:1 C/R...
  3. ECU Tuning RSX
    I searched and could not find my answer but here is my question. I have a 02 type S with 127k on it, I have i/rh/e....would reflashing really do much as far as gains go? I know ill be safe as far as running too lean since mine is a 02-04 and not 05-06. But would it be safe on a car with 127k on...
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    Sorry for the camera phone pics.
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Was thinking that i dont drive the car much on the street then might as well turn it into track/race car. POST #3 WITH MY BUDDY'S S2K RACE CAR PROCESS PICTURES some pictures to enjoy when its still street and NA (WHITE ONE)
  6. Car Care RSX
    it seems like there's a lot of you who still live at home or live in a house. i'm jealous cause i live in a apartment. for the people out there who live in apartments, what steps do you take to care for your car? whether it's just washing and/or detailing. have you developed a paitence for...
  7. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Well, I opted to sell my turbo because I was spending too much $$ . So This is the stuff that I ended up keeping 9:0:1 pistons eagle rods Methanol injection kit Hondata K-pro 255 walboro pump 750 cc injectors So my question is, what do you guys suggest I should do as far as set up. I'm looking...
  8. Car Care RSX
    I've search for the products that you guys recommend on removing some scratches...not swirls...but didn't find any...what do u guys recommend on taking the scratches off....the scratches came from ppl incompetence to park, thx
  9. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    I went to GIR last night for the first official public racing day. It was cold and windy (45 deg) and winds of 15-20mph comming down the track. No one could hook up good on the track so times were slow, plus the wind didn't help. I managed to only pull a 14.417 @96mph (mods are Hondata#4, AEM...
81-90 of 100 Results