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  1. ECU Tuning RSX
    I've been slowly piecing together my 05' RSX Type S for the last 3 years. Finally making good ground and want to ask before committing to a specific ECU. Plan to run an Innovate PSN-1 Nitrous/AFR gauge that has a bunch of neat fail safes built into it's programming which should help keep...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Wiring/Electrical savvy folks, please advise on which setup is the safest/best/most recommended. I've searched a good bit and see the 3 setups below as the simplest to do and #3 seems to be the most common. I'm using #1 seems to be the cleanest/shorter path, but am a bit worried if there's any...
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    My setup currently Ported Box 2x12" Rockford Fosgates 250 RMS each. Bridged inside box so they come out of the box and into the amp as 1 positive and 1 negative instead of 2 pos's and neg's. Fosgate Amp is 375 RMS watts. My question is that if i downgrade to 1x12" and keep my amp will it...
  4. Suspension & Brakes EP3
    I am thinking of switching up my suspension this summer and I've always looked at the A-spec but I haven't heard much of people AutoXing with it. Or trying different springs rates with them? And how would these compare to if I got some custom D2's? Some people don't like D2's but they are made...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    i don't know what most you you are running, probably rpf1 but id like to see if theres other lightweight racing wheel options post wheel , weight and price.
  6. All Motor RSX
    Hello, I have done some searching and came up with vague results. I have a k24a2 swap and am running the ep3 type r front sway bar. It is barely touching the sway bar. I am wondering with the little clearance I have will I be able to fit a buddy club race header. If not the BC then which...
  7. Turbo RSX
    I want to buy a turbo kit for my rsx this spring and I have been looking at a few different options. I am looking to see what some of you guys would recomend, I want to just run low boost on my stock engine (a2) this year and build my engine next winter. So to keep it short what is a good...
  8. Wheels & Tires
    I'm running +35 17x8 rpf1's that I picked up for cheap. Ideally I would have bought 17x9f and 17x7.5-8r, and ran something like 255's f and 225's-235's r. So looking at tires now my options look to be 245 all around or 245 f and 225 r. 235's are kind of out of the question because I plan on...
  9. Interior Mods RSX
    Hey guys, For starters I have an Escort 8500. I'm getting tired of the suction cups leaving marks and falling off my windshield. Does anyone else have any unique mounting solutions? Anyone with the 'visor clip mount? Pictures would be dandy.
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    i wanna see some turbo log bays... throw up what you have..
  11. All Motor RSX
    Hi. I have an 03 RSX Type-S with Injen CAI, RBC IM/IMG, PLM header, and stock 05 Type-S exhaust. I recently ordered Kelford stage 1 cams, 12:1 pistons, and K-Pro from ClubRSX. The motor is currently out of the car but going back in soon. Wondered if anyone had any similar setup that they had...
  12. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up Let me know fellas.
  13. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I've been owning my RSX-S since 03. I'm current running a set of Megan (Knock on wood is still running). I always feel its ride harsh in local NYC. (Well, the most complains are usually from the ladies...) Sometimes I feel confusing when I saw people over here saying, "My Koni is very harsh"...
  14. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    **SOLD**Here is a great aftercooler pump which will pump twice the water as the BOSCH. $100 + shipping and comes with brackets to mount by clutch resevoir.
  15. DC Metro
    Max power on campus drive at CP Blue 05-06 on 495 last night ... Lowered and one HID out. Exiting at Tacoma park
  16. Engine & Transmission EP3
    I just realized I have far too many intake setups and with having the PW:JDM on the way, I'm letting go of all the 3 intake setups I have: 1) Injen SRI: This is the pipe and IAT grommet ONLY. I do not have the coupler and such, I am using those on a different project. $30 shipped in the U.S...
  17. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Everything is OBO within reason! I just realized I have far too many intake setups and with having the PW:JDM on the way, I'm letting go of all the 3 intake setups I have: 1) INJEN SOLD! 2) MISHIMOTO SOLD!!!! Mishimoto rsx-s intake setup: Only about 100 miles on this setup, I was using...
1-17 of 47 Results