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  1. Tx Showdown 7/5/15 @SanAntonio TX

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Got an invite to San Antonio Tx showdown. Enjoy my amateur photography! DSC09349 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC09351 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC09353 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC09354 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC09410 by martinmonjaras, on Flickr DSC09361 by martinmonjaras...
  2. K104 Sundown Showdown Car Show - Newburgh 8/24

    North East
    Hey guys...was wondering if anyone would want to get a group of us together and drive up to this event the radio station k104 is hosting a car show at night from 5-9 on saturday 8/24 i figured we could have a meet before hand and all drive up...
  3. Import Showdown Oct. 20th, 10th Anniversary!

    Alright guys we need your help! The Showdown is coming up and it is really tough to keep up with all the forums out there. Can you please copy and paste this segment to any forum you are on and try to spread the word. If you get a chance bump any adds you run across on the websites to get the...
  4. IMPORT SHOWDOWN!!!!! May 19th!

    The Great State of Georgia
    Ok guys it's that time of year again. Import showdown will be at silver dollar raceway this weekend. Who plans on coming out? I think it's about time for you Atlanta boys to come down south!!!! :thumbsup: I already know a few guys will be there Me Rich Matt Joe (maybe) Joe Hudson Also a few...
  5. North East Tuner Showdown #6

    North East
    Northeast Tuner Showdown HEADS UP & INDEX CLASSES Quick 32 - 9.99 or Quicker: Open to AWD, RWD, FWD Hot RodPro FWD trim only. Rotary and 4, 6 cyl import/domestic sport compact motors ok, import V8 power plants ok(ie. toyota, nissan). NHRA safety equipment required, must run 9.99 or quicker...
  6. Import showdown - 5/1/11

    It is getting close to that time again ladies and gentlemen. If you have not heard this event is held at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA. Event will be held Sunday May 1st, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Track information can be found here: Event information can be...
  7. North East Tuner Showdown #4 Oct 24th Atco Raceway N.J

    North East
    All motor SFWD 10.0 index 11.5 index Quick 32 bracket 1 bracket 2 spectate $15 race $30
  8. North East Tuner ShowDown #3 Sept 26 Atco Raceway

    North East
  9. Video Trailer - North East Tuner Showdown 8/23/09 at ATCO!!!

    As we all know the 2nd Northeast Tuner Showdown event is coming up this weekend. Checkout the video trailer for the event below!!! Click below for the video trailer!!!!
  10. Sunday May 31st, 2009 @ Atco Raceway - Northeast Tuner Showdown Round 1!!!

    North East
    OGS and will be back at Atco Raceway for the 1st ever Northeast Tuner Showdown. Take a look at the flyer below for information on all of the drag racing and car show classes!!! We will be posting more information about this event!!! Keep an EYE on this thread for more information!!!
  11. Power Up Dyno Event Sunday February 8 2009 Team GMPT Super Supra Showdown!

    North East Power Up Dyno Event - Team GMPT Super Supra Showdown Sunday February 02-08-2009!!! is glad to officially anounce that the Power Dup Dyno Series will be starting off the 09' season this Sunday February 8th at TSADYNO!! This event will cater to the Toyota Supra community...
  12. Sunday June 29th 2008 - Motorcity showdown Car Show

    Canada East
    Sunday June 29th 2008 - Motorcity showdown Car Show we would like to invite everyone to come join us for a Charity Car show on June 29th the show will be from 10AM-6PM, its going to be a one day show. Proceeds will be going towards "Kids Help Phone" Register by June 29th - $15 At the door -...
  13. Jeremy Clarkson - Supercar Showdown 2007 DVDRip

    Jeremy Clarkson - Supercar Showdown 2007 DVDRip Full DVDrip File size: 720 MB (dial ups dont bother) -Download all 7 files and extract. Download 99mb Part 1 99mb Part2 99mb Part3 99mb Part4 99mb Part5 99mb Part6 99mb Part7
  14. Best Motoring Touge Showdown 300 Round 2

    Hey all, I found this Best Motoring clip featuring the Touge Showdown 300 Round 2 - the first clip features a Prelude and Accord R driving impression, and I'll update the clips when I see the new ones posted. Touge Showdown 300 Round 2 Clip 1 of 5
  15. Jeremy Clarkson - Supercar Showdown - Bugatti Veyron

    Jeremy Clarkson - Supercar Showdown - Bugatti Veyron Jeremy Clarkson - Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster Jeremy Clarkson - Lamborghini Gallardo vs Ferrari F430 Jeremy Clarkson - Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 GT3 Jeremy Clarkson - Supercar Showdown - Ferrari 599 GTB Jeremy Clarkson -...
  16. Touge Showdown 280

    Hey guys, Check out these clips I found on Best Motoring's Touge Showdown 280 series with the K1 Integra Type-R, Spoon Civic Type-R, JUN Prelude, G-Spice Altezza, MCR S2k, and Amuse S2k going at it on the Gunma Prefecture. It's pretty cool stuff guys - let me know what you think! Touge...
  17. Ultimate VS showdown, what car? Inspired by Handling vs Power thread!

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Driving a car with a good feeling handling and a moderate power engine is the ultimate combination for daily driving. I say no more then 3000-3500lbs and around 200-300whp, lol, with a stiff suspension (euro-tuned always feels good too me), a small steering wheel and 3 pedals is perfect. IMO, I...
  18. Zaino vs. Zymol, finally a real showdown

    Car Care RSX
    Read here: Zaino vs. Zymol Showdown