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  1. The Great State of Georgia
    Hows it going? I'm new to this thread and fairly new to fort stewart, ga. I just got a type s and would like to meet up with other guys and get the chance to meet new people.
  2. Southern Cali
    spotted this guy in Rialto on the chervon on valley and riverside ave ( Arabic stickers in the back window)
  3. Mid West EP3
    An 02-03 VBP driving south on West County Line road in Elkhart/Osceola at 5:30ish. Had a small spoiler above the taillights.
  4. Mid West
    I saw a black RSX-s today in kenosha. I had jdm badges and maybe was lowered. is that anyone on here? btw kenosha, WI. southeastern most county in WI
  5. Texas
    ok so yesterday i spotted 2 RSX in my complex... 1. Blaze Orange Metallic A-spec. in my apt complex with carbon fiber hood and i think dropped. 2. a DSM from what looked like t1r exhaust from under my car(i was under my car). my friend was stating outside and he said no offese to anyone, that...
  6. Honda Civic Si: 06 & Up
    yeah so i just saw a Black 06 SI with HIDs and a Greddy exhaust, i reconized him from either the GTG meet or from a Miami meet, Just wondering who it was, and if the owner see's this and want to take some pics let me know. Dan
  7. Mid West
    I saw enj0i69 yesterday on lincoln. DYI lamps are looking good :thumbsup:
1-7 of 10 Results