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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I used this DIY on this site and it worked great, Way better than the instructions it came with. I have 1 problem, and that is I have no brake booster port(Smaller Hose) to connect to?!?! It seems the stock Intake just had a piece of tape over the valve where it connected. Can anyone tell me...
  2. Turbo RSX
    Any thoughts or experiences? More specifically a walbro 400lph in-tank with a 255 in-line. -6an lines throughout Would the 255 be beneficial, pointless, or become a bottleneck for the 400? Any advice appreciated
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I bought the car this way, it has 215/55/16 on the front tires with like 70% tread, and the back wheels are 205/55/16 almost bald with like 30% tread left... don't kno why The previous owner has this way but I can't afford brand new tires until winter. If I rotate the front to back will this be...
  4. All Motor RSX
    i was thinking my exhaust might be a bit over kill. i have a 70mm, and maybe i should go to the 65mm exhaust instead the drone from the exhaust right now is killing me (almost literally). i even put a resonator on it and its still veyr loud any ideas on this?
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    im having alot of trouble trying to mount my braille (b2317) battery. it sits alot shorter than the stock battery. is there a special mount that i can buy or do i have to go to the weld shop and have them make me something? the mounts from the braille website dont fit...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    i think i know the answer already but i just wanna make sure. If i make the tire diameter smaller on my car, will this make it seem like it has more miles on it than it really does, i ask because for a few months i was running 205/45/16's instead of the stock 205/55/16's, wondering how much...
  7. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I am just wondering if anyone is running a PWjdm CF chamber intake with a smaller battery (*in the stock location*). I have an EP3 BTW :thumbsdow no place to put a CAI :run:
  8. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I just bought a lightly used grreddy evo catback exhaust and really just want to go to one thats a little smaller. If youre intrested just let me know.
  9. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    minor scratches that i'll polish out i just need something smaller my bay is to small.. they go for 100 buxs new
  10. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Will sell or trade this turbo exhaust with 60mm piping exhaust or header (must incorporate catalytic converter.)
  11. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I have a 08 Kicker ZX650.4 that I am wanting to trade for an amp that is smaller in size. I love the power it puts out, but it's too big to mount next to my existing sub amp. I have been running it a couple of weeks and it is rock solid. I bought it new. It measures roughly 20inches long. I need...
  12. Wheels & Tires
    My GF is looking for some winter tires and they are a arm and a leg for her size. 205/50/16. If we were to go to a 15" rim does anyone know which size we would have to get to make up the difference? Also I know this is a RSX site but does anyone know if there would be brake clearance issues with...
  13. Supercharging RSX
    I currently have the pulleyboys 3 inch pulley on my s/c setup and was wondering where i can buy a smaller one for the comptech s/c.Since i added the comptech race header,aftercooler system and got everything ported and bored out i am only hitting 9psi and want to up the boost a bit.I am running...
  14. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    i am gonna go ahead and build a way smaller box for my L7 15". im curious though becuase the box i have now is like 3 cubic feet and the box i will build is gonna be to kickers specs, will my sub sound like crap or not be as powerful as it once was?they are sealed boxes by the way
  15. All Motor RSX
    I was wondering what kind of power difference there really is after tuning a RH w/2.36" exhaust vs RH w/2.5" exhaust?
  16. Auto X & Road Racing
    ...or bigger brakes? I've got a base, and I run in SM (because of my cf hood). I'm thinking about getting wheels, but if I do, i can't possibly upgrade brakes much in the futures. What do you guys think? Right now I'm thinking of 15x8 wheels or something like that. Or I can get like 17x8 or...
  17. Auto X & Road Racing
    are there any benefits on running smaller diameter front tires? i.e.: front: 225/40 16, rear: 205/55 16 or front 205/50 16, rear 205/55 16 assuming all else are stock, and will be running in stock class. would the size difference cause abs to kick in during normal braking?
1-17 of 24 Results