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    Hi all, just looking for some advice. This is an 02 base auto with a reflash, exhaust and CAI. About 90k imles. Symptoms in order of appearance: 1) Smoky exhaust and lots of buildup in the exhaust tip in the mornings with strong fuel smell 2) Bad primary 02 sensor (changed it and cleared...
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    I cannot source the root of my smoking exhaust! At first I thought it was my Precision 6262 Journal Bearing failing. After sending the turbo in for a rebuild and bolting it backing up, I quickly realized that was not the problem...the car is still smoking. The color of the smoke is a...
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    Alright, ive got an issue here that has blown my mind lately. Ive had a smoking problem the past few weeks, but it has only smoked after ive been idling. When I'm sitting still idling a very small amount of smoke will come out. If ive been idling at a stop light when I accelerate a puff of...
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    What's up guys. I own a 03 Base and I had the car sitting since late Oct and I just had the car shipped to me today. I couldn't get my mom to start her up regularly so it was only started up once and she barely let it run. After the car was dropped off to me, I let the car run for 20-30mins just...
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    I have a 2002 RSX type S with 144,000 miles on it. Earlier today I noticed there was some smoke coming from the right side of the hood. I opened the hood and noticed liquid around the engine coming from a tube that goes accross the back/top. Can anyone give me an idea of what it could be before...
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    So a few days ago I changed my sparkplugs on the car, and I noticed my old ones had a little bit of oil on them, I figured out that the valvecover gakset and/or sparkplug rubber gasket was leaking oil. A few days later after punching the car I noticed whiteish/blueish smoke was coming out of my...
  8. General RSX Discussion
    Alright guys so i bought some whitebulbs today for my headlights and put them in today. When i turn them on they are leterally burning so hot that they are producing smoke inside my headlights. Is this normal or whats up? I need quick answers please!
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    I just replaced the brake pads on all 4 corners (hawk ceramic). The front drivers caliper piston would not budge to go back into place with the brake pad spreader tool. I took it apart and replaced the seals with a caliper rebuild kit from advance auto. The [piston looked pretty rusted btw but...
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    Yup... we were all bored as shit today so we decided to shoot a couple of pics. I recently downloaded Photoshop Lightroom so pardon if some look weird :p
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    So i have a amp rack under where the spare tire is. Been installed for 3 years not a single problem ever. The other day I was helping a homie move out of the house so he stacked his wheels in my car. I guess it was to heavy what not because the foam thinge that covers the the spare dipped too...
  14. Turbo RSX
    my car doesnt wont to start and when it does it smokes for a bit then quits it smells like anifreeze but i done a compression check and all cyl are within 5psi. im running a gt35r. totally confused any ideas appreciated thanks. :confused:
  15. Problems & Solutions EP3
    last 2 times i started my car it billowed white smoke. anyone with any ideas?
  16. Canada West
    ok well since last time was a bust due to weather. i'm sure it won't be this time around Who: YOU! What: $15 gets you dinner and a lap dance from your fellow members if you're lucky Where: Ashiana Tandoori Restaurant 1440 Kingsway & Knight Vancouver, B.C. V5N 2R5, CANADA Why: Because you touch...
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    Thoughts opinions biases all welcome. Thought about parting out my 04 DC5 selling it almost stock and picking up a black or red toyota xrunner. Reasons: 1) The rsx is a great car, but I may need to get something bigger for moving out in the near future (I live at home, so what, rent it cheap)...
  18. Canada West
    Everyone like's to try new places when it comes to food, so what's better than seeing what one of our very own has to offer! The one we all love to bash on, Robindeerjeet is opening up his restaurant to feed us starving CRSX'ers! So take a break from that Christmas shopping and have a meal...
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    Folks at Porsche seem to think so. From a physics point of view, their outcome seems most likely.
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    i just got my brake pads and rotors changed, stock pads and rotors, i braked pretty hard to bed them in and when i parked my passenger wheel was smoking wit white steamy that normal?