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  1. Lighting RSX
    Hey there, everybody! I suppose it's not too early to give you all a little sneak peek at the new Xtreme LED Pro bulbs. These are Coming Soon - keep an eye on, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to keep up to date on all our exciting new products. ~Robert
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    these are the only pics i have so far, once i get my rear bumper from the body shop ill take some legit pictures selling the Volks if anybody is interested :thumbsup:
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    just got my 05/06 conversion done the other day :run: ..... mods coming soon: yellow fogs, 06 rear conversion, mugen lip kit. :bow: my buddy wanted me to lower it like this, ehhh. no thanks
  4. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Review of the New soon to be released JTC Short shifter v2.0: The first thing I noticed was just how tight the shifter was, in a good way. I noticed immediately that the large metal ball at the bottom filled the inside of the shifter pivot area very well. There was no more slop at all when...
  5. K-Series Swaps
    Here is a sneak peek at my friends k24/k20 swapped coupe fully built. You may see it in a honda tuning magazine in the next months........:dontknow: :)[email protected]/6016892192/
  6. Wheels & Tires
    UPDATE: I ended up getting 17x7.5 TSW Nurburgring Rotary Forged wheels in gunmetal. They were for sell locally for a steal, I could not pass them by. They are almost brand new, only about 1500 miles on the wheels. No tires came with it so I had to spend more on them than I actually got the...
  7. Member Show-Off RSX
    Updated this thread with complete photoshoot
  8. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Now what's the best short shifter? I went to the site to purchase one and they are discontinued.
  9. Member Show-Off RSX
    more pics coming soon .
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    most recent pics: 2005 Jade Green Metallic Rsx Type-S. Engine AEM v2 Intake Fujitsubo Powergetter Wheels and Suspension Function Form Type II coilovers Ingalls rear camber kit Fully polished and reverse faced BBS LMs :love: Too lazy to list out everything. Garage shoot page 3, post #59...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    hope you enjoy the teasers! the only 3 pwp from the 707 crew waiting to come out for the main photoshoot!
  12. Member Show-Off RSX
    :happyg: Sup CRSX, just wanted to start a thread for my car. 2006 type s in VBP. Bought it over a yr ago from an auction :shady: and have done a few things to it since. All the body work was done by my great father and some help from me.:D First with Aspec/vlip combo and WRX CS lip. :awwyea...
  13. Member Show-Off RSX
    ***Updates on every page*** work in progress Oh yeah its a base auto Current mod's Exterior Mugen Front 05-06 C-West N1 II Stock 05-06 with Authentic mugen lip Clear Fog lights Aspec sides Roja Rear Molded Mugen lip with flat black diffuser 05-06 rear conversion mugen CF license plate cover...
  14. Member Show-Off RSX
    Here are a couple of pics of my show off thread with my cousins STI.... Enjoy! Night pics coming soon! ;)
  15. Member Show-Off RSX
    CLEANING THE ENGINE BAY A LITTLE MORE RELOCATEd FUSE BOX N BATTERY NEXT WILL BE VACCUM HOSES N THROTTLE CABLE FROM HERE DOWN OLD SETUP old setup with the red n black dont mind the pics i know there crappy... on another note thoughts suggestion ..what would you have...
  16. Honda Civic Si: 06 & Up
  17. All Motor RSX
    After Weeks of working long hours, Busy nights, and lots of Research and Help from people here on CRSX, i am almost there. So here is a sneak peek at what i have so far. I am just waiting for a Type S TB in the Mail as well as a Injen CAI. Then the Motor.... **EDIT** When the swap is...
  18. Member Show-Off RSX
    Project 01 Integra Type R.. Coming summer 2009 Sneak Peek 2001 Integra Type R #0925 w/ built K24A2 and K20Z3 LSD tranny and i have a 2002 NHB RSX TypeS as my daily beater.. Tell me whatca think..
  19. Member Show-Off RSX
    17x8 +32mm Work Emotiong CR Kai bronze w/ Toyo Proxes RA1's 235/45/17. Custum Rear Diffuser. Here's some better pics on my brothers point and shoot camera.
  20. Northern Cali
    :thumbsup: NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :weeeeeeeeee: :weeeeeeeeee:
1-20 of 35 Results