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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, Recently took my 2006 DC5 running Wilwood Dynalite BBK to Streets of Willow. After one session, the brake pedal got incredibly soft. I drove the 2nd session much more cautiously. It felt as if I could get similar braking power but it took much more pedal travel before brakes began to...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    I am struggling to find a soft "mass production" tire.; not a race slick What is the softest (UTQG: 100-200) tread wear tire I can get in a 205 60 X16 size? What is the softest (UTQG: 100-200) tread wear tire I can get in a 205 55 X16 size? I would consider 195 60 X16; 205 60 X16 I only...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    All, Here is a weird one that just popped up. Between about 45 and 55 mph my 2002 Type S has a soft side to side "wobble". The wobble is stronger if I am accelerating harder, and barely there with the clutch in. It is not a shaking, or hard vibrating and I don't hear anything else associated...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So my issue started 2 days ago. Car: 2004 Acura RSX Type-S ABP [160k miles on speedometer] 1st day: noticed that it was getting a little hard to shift gears while driving. There wasn't any grinding noise, it just felt a little sticky to shift from one gear to the next. 2nd day: clutch pedal...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    recently put in exedy clutch and pressure plate. now it was installed, but the pressure of the clutch is soft. It feels soft, i know a new clutch is supposed to feel stern when its new. now if the mechanic did install new clutch what would be the reason for this issue.
  6. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys, I apologize for posting yet another thread about Motor Mounts because I have read probably at least 80% of the ones out there already and I have a clearer idea of what I want but I just wanted a few more opinions on cheaper motor mounts. All 4 of my motor mounts are busted at 105K...
  7. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Im having issues with my function form type 2. my setup is all the way down now. ride quality is so bouncy at the moment. my question is, could this be due to my shocks being blown or is this an issue with the spring rates for the type 2. ive heard some members having problems with the spring...
  8. General Discussion EP3
    So i've been bothered by my car having "looser pedals" than other ep3s i've driven. by loose i mean they're quite soft? i can tap it with the my toes while driving (like to the music lol) and it'll basically do nooothing lol I have these cheap "type r" pedals that i bought the car with and...
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I drive a 03 base with 198xxx I went to go for a drive and my car wont go into gear easily and sometimes gets stuck in reverse.. also the clutch is very soft like there isn't anything there... Does anyone know what's wrong?
  10. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Before I go into it, I would like to state that this has always occurred in the 2 years I've owned the car, and I never realized it may be a problem until recently. I have an 04 Type S with 130k, that I purchased in upstate NY in December of 09. When I purchased the car I was aware that the...
  11. Problems & Solutions RSX
    2002 Type-S, maybe 85k. For the past 6-8 months or so, the clutch has worked just fine (no slippage, no problems shifting) but has pretty low resistance as a DD. Prior to that, it was parked for about 3 months while I was out of the country, and before that it was a DD. I do not remember the...
  12. Wheels & Tires RSX
  13. Everything Else
    FS> Barely used Taurus PT92 gas powered air soft gun shoots 400 FPS (70 yrd range) and has strong blow back action, comes with 1k plastic bb's, 1k aluminum bb's, and two full green gas cans. Paid 100+ for everything, selling it all $70 shipped anywhere in U.S. need to sell to buy a lip kit...
  14. Parts For Sale
    Fits all years. Like new condition. Only put on the car once. Asking $250 Willing to ship. Sowwy bout the dust. Theres a tiny imperfection on the left if you look real hard.
  15. Exterior & Interior RSX
    I know there's probably not that many s2k owners on here but what the hell. Fits all years. Like new condition. Only put on the car once. Asking $250 Willing to ship. Sowwy bout the dust. Theres a tiny imperfection on the left if you look real hard.
  16. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i dont know anything about cars and basically i can go into 1st 3rd and 5th gear but it slips back to neutral automatically. it doesnt stay in gear at all. 2nd and 4th and reverse seem fine though, 4th makes a huge "crrrhhhkkk" sound everytime i go in it. not the typical 4th gear grind. not a...
  17. Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hi folks, My clutch pedal stayed close to the floor the other day and since then some times it feels soft on the way up (soft return force), mostly first,second push after the car stayed parked for a while. I searched for a few hours many topics, but most of the problems are "pedal stays on the...
  18. Wheels & Tires
    Just recently put 255/40/17 Hankook v12s on my 17x9 rims and I've noticed that they have really soft sidewalls. I don't like the feeling of them flexing while I'm turning. Tire pressure is 36psi all around. I was wondering if I increase the tire pressure it would help stiffen them up a bit.
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    We just finished installing a new Clutch (Exedy OEM) on my 03 Type S. We resurfaced the flywheel and installed the new Clutch. All is working great except the Clutch pedal is extremely soft, i actually stalled my car for the first time in 5 years. The car works great except in first gear i am...
  20. Problems & Solutions RSX
    what would cause that? it just started do
1-20 of 48 Results