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  1. Auto X & Road Racing EP3 Enjoy 205/45/16 BFG G-Force Sport The event was very successful considering the rain. The car felt firm and i learned a lot from the rain. Now i just need to apply that same concentration when its dry out. You guys should come out to the local...
  2. Auto X & Road Racing
    What an excellent weekend it was racing! This was my first time autocrossing at Warminster, PA and there was plenty of good competition in STX. Unfortunately for the STX class, we had a very fast Philly region driver who normally drives in STS run his 89 Civic Si in STX instead (since his...
  3. Auto X & Road Racing
    From what I read in the 2005 rule book, you can have any size tire that will fit on a stock or like sized wheel. Please verify if you know the answer. I read it like 8 times and still aren't sure. I am getting some new tires and am thinking of going from 215/17/45s to 225/17/40s. Think it will...
  4. Auto X & Road Racing
    During Tech today, my technician mentioned that it might be illegal to have a device such as the EDFC that allows me to remotely adjust shock dampening from the driver's seat. He seemed to think that it would be illegal only if I made adjustments during a run, which I wouldn't think of doing at...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    Good news: All 2005 rulebooks to appear online Bad news: Closed-face helmets may be illegal for use with airbag-equipped cars (which obviously includes the RSX) ---------------- SPORTS CAR...
  6. Auto X & Road Racing
    OK is anyone else going to Nationals this year? I'm the only RSX in G-Stock. I think there is one in STS (from Ohio), but thats it. What's up guys?
  7. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hey guys, I went to the SE Divisional this past weekend in Atlanta and my Brother and I ran the Type S in G Stock. It was wet/light showers, so my full tread Kumhos were probably the perfect tire to have. Although the guy in the CooperS had brand new Hoosiers and didn't have a problem. On...
  8. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hey guys, We've got a SE Divisional race coming up this weekend and I don't see any other RSX's signed up!!! Get on it guys. Let's race. here's a link if you are interested: (hopefully it will work) Thanks, Jason
  9. Auto X & Road Racing
    Can anyone decipher the rule changes about motor mounts and seats? How are they different than last year? Does the seat requirement allow non-reclining seats? Also when they say the Evo 8 and WRX STi are "excepted" vehicles, does that mean they are banned from Street Touring (STX in this case...
  10. Auto X & Road Racing
    Was looking at the entry list for the SCCA national championships (starting up on Monday), and was pleasantly surprised to see an RSX entered in D Stock Dean Rindler 02 Acura RSXS Yellow Hoosier WOh Troy...
  11. Auto X & Road Racing
    For all of you people in NYR... Double header "national style" event Sept 14/15. Must compete both days to earn trophy on Sunday. Come out and have fun! Details:
  12. Auto X & Road Racing
    hey I thought I'd share some of this in this part of the forum....
  13. Auto X & Road Racing
    Helmets Here's a question for the FAQ. Are helmets required for SCCA autocross events?
1-13 of 13 Results