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  1. South
    2017 MVP Track Time Schedule Fellow Track Junkies and Racers: MVP Track Time ( is excited to announce our 2017 track event schedule. Another fun year of exciting on-track action awaits. I hope you’ll join us for the on-track fun. As usual, we have exciting track...
  2. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello. My name is Maxim. I stopped actively posting on car forums a few years ago, and finally decided to give them a try again. I've been into cars for a long time. My last car, and first Honda I owned was a 1998 Civic Hatch, and finally picked up my dream car that I have wanted since I was...
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    Basically driving a hand-me-down RSX from my brother who passed it to me when I was in highschool. Never really cared for it until lately when I started driving it stock in the canyons and catching nicer/more expensive cars in the corners. Basically some american version of initial D without...
  4. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello, Rex base 5 speed, immaculate condition 240,000 miles and runs excellent
  5. West
    So I recently purchased an 05 Type S with all of the removed stock parts. I'm moving soon and need to get rid of these parts bc I don't have room to bring them along. Shoot me any offer. I'd be willing to meet and prefer to not ship. I don't know all of the parts off hand so I'll edit this when...
  6. New Member Introduction RSX
    whats cracn, i'm from SD just got this Type S on a killa deal. Bone stock and clean jade green 110k miles. This is my project and we are gonna start this one off right. Will post a nice full build.
  7. Southern Cali
    The time has come to post up a thread detailing my prices and brief overview of what is included in a standard retrofit. I competitively price my retrofits significantly lower than other major business’s because this is my side business. I am here to make minimal profit, help out the community...
  8. New Member Introduction RSX
    Good day everyone, a month ago I picked up a 2004 RSX type s for my girlfriend, I never thought I would love this car but its a blast to drive, few minor fixs need to be done, but for the most part it's a solid car, a little modded already but nothing major yet:vtec:
  9. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2002 RSX Base Model 5 Speed with 150k for a whopping 3,200$. All that I have owned before this has been trucks, so this is my first experience with the car scene. The car is great running order only needing minor body repairs and a little paint touch up. It...
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    Here are some of my photos from the day. Overall was a nice meet- not enough clubrsx members were there- if any at all. My photos were from the beginning of the day. Other cars arrived later on. I edited a lot of plates out, but not all. No post editing either. My camera lens is messed...
  11. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hello and welcome to the Southern California For Sale Section. This is where members can sell, buy, and trade items locally, all shipping related can go into the market place for better results. To keep things short and simple, I'll get to the point of this thread... 1) Please no resale of new...
  12. New Member Introduction RSX
    Whats up crsx ive been lurking around the forums for the past year when i bought my base. I decided to just join and try to get active in the rsx community. I haven't done much modding to it as of right now. just small stuff like black suede headliner and door inserts, headlights, and double din...
  13. Canada East
    hey guys looking to get a local rsx / integra club going here in London Ontario and surrounding area. if your in the area let me know and maybe we can starting get some people out once a week or every other week to meet . anything from a stock base to a stanced JDM beast . ( if there is...
  14. Florida
    Welcome to the 1st Annual Kami Speed Invasion meet brought to you by Southern Streets. Date: Sunday August 18th Time: 12pm - 4pm Where: Kami Speed HQ 7901 Kingspointe Pkwy #23, Orlando, FL 32819 Open to all makes and models Kami Speed has been kind enough to lend...
  15. Southern Cali
    spotted this guy in Rialto on the chervon on valley and riverside ave ( Arabic stickers in the back window)
  16. Southern Cali
    Hi guys, I need some suspension work done, some lights checked out, and my engine inspected asap. Does anyone know a great Acura mechanic in the SoCal area? Preferably near Irvine / Riverside / Laguna. Thanks in advance guys.
1-18 of 106 Results