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  1. General Discussion EP3
    looking for any so cal / ie meets let me know im eager to meet some others eith ep3's:fistbump:
  2. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    i have not seen anyone who makes shifter base bushings that are specifically made just for the RSX. I know strut king sells some but those ones are not made based off the stock RSX bushings and they are made like that so they can be sold for different Honda models. What I want to know is if i...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I know the "find this noise" topic has been beaten to death, but I'm hoping to find someone that had this same problem. - High Pitched Vibration sounding kind of like a bell ringing - Happens only between 2.9k-3.1k RPM - Even when decelerating and letting the RPM drop, it makes the noise on the...
  4. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I'm looking for 06+, especially for the intake, since I hear the years before were not as aggressive as k20z3. But the exhaust I think is the same from 04+. Either way, I'd prefer 06+, but just hit me up with what you got! Located in San Diego, Ca. Thanks! I'll consider any other stage 1 cams...
  5. Auto Talk
    California State Sheriff's Association license plate frame pictured above, does rockin this plate make the popo more lenient on peeps? Kinda like the CHP 99 foundation frames...
  6. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone in the computer field? Programming specifically (Philly area) Ok this is a LONG shot but i figured what the hell... My dad just lost his job after 25 years, company decided to sell. He was a programmer for them. I am not aware of what languages he knows, or exactly what type of work he...
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Just wondering if the Rota Slipstreams specifically are powdercoated? Clear coat as well? I have a set of 16 inch satin black slips and im wondering cause i recently washed my car with Dawn dish washing soap (stripping off all wax for Klasse application) and i noticed my wheels look "faded" and...
  8. Turbo RSX
    What exactly is the psi that they are talking about? Where is it? And how much psi can the rsx-s handle untill you have to put in new internalls? If you do need to install the new internals because the psi is too high what exactly do you need to upgrade?
1-8 of 11 Results