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  1. Suspension, Wheels, & Tires EP3
    Im lookong for a set of 4x100 wheels for my ep I have a seibon carbon front mugen lip and an hfp nhbp rear wing, 02 03 depo black housings, preface grill with type r and h badge, red mats lhd and ep3 arm rest all for trade for some wheels lmn willing to ship im frm 02351 abington ma
  2. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Hey everyone were in the middle of bringing back my ep3 thats been of the road for a while and there is somethings i need if anyone has them: Ep3 ctr replica side skirts, front and rear lip and wing or in carbon works too Ep3 fog lights Some type of k series intake Ep3 red honda badges front...
  3. Exterior Mods RSX
    dear RSX OWNERS>... i found this picture of a black RSX w/spoiler .. and i was justwondering if anyone could tell me .. wahts the NAME of the SPIOLER .. and where i can BUY IT . .and how much will it cost me .. basically give me all the details they can on it .. i think its the sweetest looking...
1-3 of 3 Results