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  1. FS: RSX Carbon Fiber (“Bottom Line”) Rear Splats. Yes, SPLATS.

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Alright so I purchased these “splats” or "SPATS" (not sure which) on ebay a couple years ago. I took a risk on buying them because I did all my research before I bought them and couldn’t Find any info on them. They where listed as “Splats” and they had no mounting hardware, no screws, no...
  2. Bug splats on NBP

    Car Care RSX
    I searched already but couldnt find anything, so please dont flame me. I have an 05 NBP. After washing with a mild car soap, I find the whole front bumper and most of the hood is covered with bug splats. This shit has been on for over 4 months as I havent cleaned my car in a while. Its on...
  3. Cleaning bug/tar splats

    Car Care RSX wasn't the best choice, but i took a 6 hour road trip to LA in my RSX, and now my front bumper and some parts of the hood are covered w/ bug splats. I do have a can of bug/tar remover spray...but my question is, would it be wise to use it on the whole bumper cuz i've only used it once...
  4. Oil Splats on car

    Car Care RSX
    As I was driving into work this morning, the guy ahead of me started to wash his windsheild, and got my car wet. Looking closer at the droplets, I noticed that they were black. My car ended up getting sprayed with oil some how. About 200 small oil droplets.:firemad: :firemad: :firemad: Can...
  5. God damn bug splats!!

    Car Care RSX
    Freakin' I just washed, clay bared, detailed, and wax my car Yesterday! After 14 miles of freeway driving I have freakin' bug splats all over my bumper. The weather has been very warm these few days, so the freakin' bugs all come out and play! argh! :firemad: How can I prevent this?! I...
  6. F'N Bug splats!!

    Car Care RSX
    I got a handful of bugs splats on my front bumper....side mirrors...and front windshield.....what should i do to take it off?...a whole car wash/wax?...wipe it off with water and a rag? or just wash/wax on that area ONLY? what are your secrets for this nasty build up?