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  1. Sold

    Suspension & Brakes RSX
  2. spoilers

    Exterior Mods RSX
    anyone know if you can get this spoiler for a rsx 03?
  3. Inception *Spoilers included*

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Saw during Iron Man Trailer, looks awesome Christopher Nolan simply has a pure imagination Cant wait
  4. A-spec side spoilers ?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey, need some real quick help. Are these the a-spec sides or not? and if so, is that the cheapest ill find them new ?
  5. Decklid Spoilers

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Ok, so I have been on the lookout for a decklid spoiler and the issue I have is that... there hasnt been any in the F/S thread for a long time. I have come across some websites that sell this decklid spoiler and I was wondering "what would you do?" One is a replica (or so I think) from...
  6. OEM Quality Rear Lip Spoilers

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Anyone know where I can get a quality OEM or replica rear lip spoiler (pre-painted) for not to much money? I've only seen those cheap rubber ones on ebay that you have to bend into shape.
  7. Question about OEM Spoilers

    Exterior Mods RSX
    For 02-04, does anyone know if the low wing and the high wing uses the same holes on the trunk? Or are the locations of the holes different? Anyone?
  8. Let's talk about the movie "Pi" **Possible Spoilers**

    TV, Music, & Movies
    I just watched this movie for the first time after finding out it was directed by the same guy as Requiem for a Dream. I think Pi is an outstanding film but it left me with a sort of empty feeling at the end. I was a little confused about why he drilled his head instead of cutting the scar to...
  9. Resistance 2, beat it yet? **contains spoilers**

    Video Games
    I just beat resistance 2 last night and im wondering wtf happened at the end, haha, any insight from you guys that have beat it?
  10. RSX Parts for sale...JDM Door Visors, F&R spoilers, ITR headlights, Blitz.....

    Exterior & Interior RSX Above is the link to the original post on Honda-tech.... I have a few things that I'm selling because I am in the process of getting a new car...Ill accept offers if you're not happy with the price that I am selling for... OEM Door Visors...
  11. SoCal Painter (lips, bumpers, hoods, spoilers etc.) n ***ALSO FENDER ROLLING***

    Southern Cali
    facebook business page:!/pages/Rosemead-CA/Mid-Night-Garage-immasexyboycrsx/114964578525549?ref=sgm&ajaxpipe=1&__a=14 I also do fender rolling now. i will be using a professional fender roller with a professional heat gun. i will not guarantee your paint...
  12. F/S: 02-04 Type S Spoilers (Side Skirts)

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    I have a set (Pair) of Type S side Skirts (spoilers) for an 02-04 Type s. They are in good condition, painted in burgundy. I dont have any hardware (sorry). I am asking $85 + shipping (only in U.S) You can pay via paypal account.
  13. A-spec/Type-R/Type S Spoilers = same?

    General RSX Discussion
    debating with a co worker i say they are all the same unfortantly some sites/pics are blocked at my work so i cant exactly look up the pics and show him even some pics that are posted here dont even show up only as red X's so yeah can someone clarify are all 3 the same? cause people make...
  14. RSX's spoilers

    General RSX Discussion
    Are type R and Aspec Spoilers any different from each other?
  15. EBP decklid and OEM spoilers for sale

    Exterior & Interior RSX
  16. MotoGP Mugello *SPOILERS*

    Rossi on pole, Podbot 2nd, capirossi 3rd, stoner 4th, colin 5th and hayden 6th. Anyone watch the any of the action yet? Rossi's new one-off mugello lid is fucking great... that shit cracks me up. Especially when hes fully tucked on the bike. . I need to get my hands on one of them. Looking...
  17. GTA IV *Official Thread 2* - *NO SPOILERS!!*

    Video Games
    and new thread
  18. MotoGP Le Mans *spoilers*

    What a great race today. It's actually kind of nice being in Korea and watching the races during regular hours instead of in the middle of the night. The first several laps were just fantastic. Even after Rossi pulled away there was still a lot of good racing going on between stoner podbot and...
  19. GTA IV Game Chat...You Beat It Yet? **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    Video Games
    So who beat it yet? I am up to the next safe house....mission at the warehouse was a sweet gun fight! :D
  20. MOTOGP Round 3 *Spoilers*

    Qualifying just finished up not that long ago. I couldnt watch it live cause i had this stupid Volunteering thing for the military... anyways on to the results! 1 Jorge Lorenzo Fiat Yamaha Team Yamaha 1:35.715 2 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team Honda 1:35.948 3 Valentino Rossi Fiat Yamaha Team...