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  1. sponge for wax

    Car Care RSX
    can you use a regular sponge to apply wax onto a car and remove with a regular 100% cotton towel? Would this produce swirls and damage rather than help? I normally apply with a sponge that I found in a tool kit thats for a clay class but brand new... I usually remove with a 100% soft cotton...
  2. I scratched my bumper with the rough end of a sponge! please help!

    Car Care RSX
    Ok, so I usually use a sponge to wash my car, one of those big yellow ones and on the other side it has a rough area... well after a long drive to the shore and back I had alot of crap on my front bumper, so without thinking I used that side of the sponge (rough side) to get some of the bugs and...
  3. I wanna get a nice sponge or utensil to wash my car with

    Car Care RSX
    Just like the thread says, I want something nice that won't collect grit and pebbles and scrath my car to shit. Any ideas? Links would be appreciated :)
  4. Sea Sponge, Wash Mitt, or Something Else

    Car Care RSX
    I think I am going to use a Sea Sponge to wash my car, but I wondered what everyone else uses. Up until I ordered my Zaino, I have been using a Sheepskin Wash Mitt, but I think I am going for the Sea Sponge, because the Wash Mitt seemed to spread some dirt around. Just wondering what everyone...