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  1. Auto Talk
    Just sharing this to multiple forums so that people can take a look at what the new Civic Type R will look like in Championship White! I was just driving home last night and I came across it! Enjoy!
  2. North East
    Figured I would start this since the other is mostly Ny Nj. Post up the spotted!
  3. North East
    I saw you guys parked towards the back corner. I'm in management in the security department there. :thumbsup:
  4. Florida
    Today i saw the one of the cleanest rsx's ive ever seen and i was wondering who it was. It was going down hollywood blvd this morning around 10:30 am in hollywood. It had white what seemed to be work emotion xd9's. 05-06 aspec front and 02-04 rear. If this was you let me know because I never see...
  5. East Coast EP3
    Your Civic is parked in a driveway between Bristol Rd. and Pasqualone. It was white with pink rims, but you just painted it baby blue. WHO ARE YOU?! I've driven past your car a couple of times a week for a few years. You might have seen me in my milano red RSX. If you're not on here, I might...
  6. DC Metro
    :shady: saw a couple at tyson on wed around 11 or noon, two were parked next to another black 02 type and a white 05 debadge except for silver H emblem front and back
  7. DC Metro
    I love shitting in public places GO.
  8. DC Metro
    I spy who's chic drive a pink 02 rsx with black wheels out coca cola drive, handover md?
  9. DC Metro
    so we don't do monthly spots?!?!?
  10. Canada East <-- link to the old one New fred! :jelly:
  11. Mid Atlantic
    didnt see one so i started it. anyone in the ocean/monmouth county area this is for you
  12. DC Metro
    05-06 vbp aspec'd out in dumfries off van buren parked in driveway
  13. North East
    Often seeing a silver rsx with black wheels, type R wing, and smoked tails on rt9 in shrewsbury. Anyone on here?
  14. North East
    This thing sounded like a monster. Saw you making left onto route 6 in Jeffeson valley off of the taconic state parkway. Red honda badges, black wheels with red lip, whole front bumper taped up. Got any internal work?
  15. North East
    Thread for spotting. Other thread is basically just a chat.
1-16 of 150 Results