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  1. Emmissions Sticker under hood same for all states?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have a 2005 Rsx Type-S , live in California. Just curious if the emissions sticker is different for outside of California vehicles. Does the sticker under the hood look like this? (picture below) Or does it look like this?(picture below)
  2. Bring the new Civic Type R to the states petition!

    Auto Talk
    If you haven't seen the picture of the new Civic Type R, you're missing out. Though Honda already claims they're not planning to sell it in the states.. some guy apparently started a petition to bring it here :pray: Heres the link to the online peptition...
  3. New build Real Type R Dc5R in the states(Js Racing President,IA)

    Member Show-Off RSX
  4. BRAND NEW Bride Zeta Replica Bucket Seats $600 Shipped anywhere in the lower States.

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Just as the title says. I have Brand New Bride Zeta Replica Seats for sale. No rails, Add $50 to the price for universal rails. Price $600 Shipped no rails, $650 Shipped with UNIVERSAL rails. If your interested text me at 3236977305 Will send more pictures on request.
  5. Which states do not require inspection?

    Auto Talk
    Hey guys, I know that Florida does not require inspection for car registration, and I know NY and NJ do. What other states do not require inspection to get registration?
  6. Does Anyone have a RSX-S for sale in VA or states nearby?

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    I'm looking for a DC5 type S for sale? anyone selling or knows someone that is selling? thanks =]
  7. WTB 02/03 EP3 in FL or Southern States

    Vehicles For Sale EP3
    I'm tired of digging through Craigslist, etc. for the right car, so I figured this would be a good place to try. I want an 02 (or 03 if the price is good) EP3 with under 80k miles, clear title and factory paint. I also want stock engine, etc. and limited mods because I have to use it as my DD...
  8. Shipping from the states..?

    Canada West
    Hey guys I had a question, whats the best company to ship from when your buying stuff from south of the border. I'm just wondering because I bought lowering springs from a member who live in Denver. He shipped them with UPS and when I got them the delivery guy said I had to pay like $45 for some...
  9. WTB- 05-06 RSX-S. $10,000-$15,000. Minnesota, North Dakota, states close to Canada.

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Looking to buy an 05-06 RSX. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) Please message if you know of anything
  10. Canadian Buyers Shipping to United States Bypass

    K Series Parts
    Seems that shipping to the US for Canadians is quite difficult. Reason for doing this is to get away from the crazy brokerage fees (learnt about this with my cold air intake) You can pay by certified cheque (tried this once before and it got lost in the mail :noes: You can pay by bank transfer...
  11. Street Racing in the states

    RSX vs. All
    I lurk on this section alot. With my old Fg2 civic I did a decent amount of street racing last year. Since then up here in Ont Canada they inforced a new law, breaking the speed limit be 50km+ they seize your car for a week and the charges start at $2,000 and go as high as $10,000 and you will...
  12. Its official...the Fiat 500 to hit the states in 18 months

    General Discussion EP3 Hope they bring the abarth also....:run:
  13. Any Eibach Sportline owners in snowy states.

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Well my car has been clunking for a while and when i changed my oil noticed that my left ball joint had ridiculous play in it, ordered both and did the left side. Upon inspection of my right side suspension (had some play in it, felt like a wheel bearing) i noticed that my right eibach spring...
  14. Is this the new civic for release here in the states?

    General Discussion EP3 Honda Civic Mugen Si
  15. birthday: United States of America

    Northern Cali
    HBD. Everyone, congratulate each other.
  16. Buying used parts from the States

    Canada East
    So I have a seller that refuses to just ship to canada, so I'll have to get it shipped to buffalo and then pick it up. Anyone know how the border duties would work? Considering it's a used part and bought from an individual, I won't really have a receipt for it. How much do they know I paid...
  17. Brand New Megan Race Header $250 Shipped in 48 States!!

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    I accidentally took low-res pics, but they are up at my site I'll take better pics when I get home this afternoon, sorry about that! I just bought a new Megan race header for my car, but this weekend I bought a new car and no longer need it. I opened it just to check it...
  18. what states have you lived in?

    Northern Cali
    vote. if you pick CA and/or other states, list the states. this is a states only thread. don't list the countries you've lived in.
  19. anyone ever buy a bumper from the States?

    Canada East
    Tried searching, couldn't find anything. But that can be because my searching skills suck. But as the title says, anyone ever buy a bumper from the states? How was the shipping cost? I was trying to figure out myself on ups/usps/fedex/dhl but most don't ship something of that size. Any...
  20. NBC to bring "Top Gear" to the states

    Auto Talk