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  1. CD design, critics please LOAD TIME STINKS!!!

    ok, for one of my classes, i have to design a cd from the front back and booklet in the case, to the actually cd itself. i made a fictionally name and its basically a mix-tape all rappers from newyork. i would like critcism on my design, what i should add take away etc. the second one is...
  2. my car stinks

    Car Care RSX
    While my car was hibernating in the garage, a little mouse decided to make its home in my air vents. My dad confirmed this when he found a big pile of dog food in the filter that the mouse was storing. So all winter long, the mouse did what mice do. It ate and it pooped. And now my car smells...
  3. Brown crap stinks

    Car Care RSX
    Hi guys, I did a search about Armor All causing the tires to turn brown... Unfortunately, it was sort of too late. But I couldn't find any threads on what to do now:( How do I get rid of the brown stain? Thanks, EdN PS: thank goodness this is on my Civic.