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  1. PRC intake manifold ? (stone me if you wish)

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I'll take a stoning with jagged edged boulders rolled down a hill if someone would put the PRC intake manifold install on 05-06 type s in legit informative terms. *no need for reminding me of an RBC etc etc im in a PRC dirty cheap, I have it, its here, its going on my car. Things I've read...
  2. FS Rosetta Stone Italian

    Computer Stuff
    250 picked up in Jersey. I would ship but only after the payment has cleared and buyer covers shipping levels 1-3 V3 which can be upgraded.
  3. FS Rosetta Stone Italian

    North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Levels 1-3. Brand New Sealed package. Im taking 250 for it. V3 if you pay 50 more you can upgrade to 4 through Rosetta. I know this a car forum but maybe someone is trying to pick up Italian for some reason. I use the French and I can tell you it's a great program.
  4. 2002 RSX Type-S (stone stock)

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    I have an 2002 Acura RSX Type-S Pearl white, Grey leather interior, with 139,000 miles on it for sale in Orange County, Ca. This would be the perfect basis for a tuner car as it runs great and has no mods. Clean title on it's way from DMV. Must sell as it third car in a two car garage. Asking $...
  5. Anybody ever used Rosetta Stone?

    Computer Tech
    Thinking of learning German how well did it work for you? Are you Nazi?
  6. FS Rosetta Stone French

    North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Up for sale levels 1 and 2 of rosetta stone French version 3 (latest version) all for 220 shipped or 200 picked up. I got it but rather sell to tweek up the car. PM me if interested. Great software to learn a new language, price is firm.
  7. FS Rosetta Stone French

    Computer Stuff
    Up for sale levels 1 and 2 of rosetta stone French version 3 (latest version) all for 220 shipped. I got it but rather sell to tweek up the car. PM me if interested.
  8. Best way to fix stone chips?

    Canada East
    Yes...its spring time people!! So I just got the car waxed yesterday and i noticed 2 chips on my hood, hit up the internet quickly and found people using a touch up pen and needle ti fix it. Do you guys have any alternatives for fixing chips? :dontknow:
  9. Army Guys, Rosetta Stone....

    Just in case you didnt know, you can access Rosetta Stone for free on your AKO. Just go to Self Service, My Education, and enroll onto E-Army Learning and look for the Rosetta Stone link. I just signed up and am going to try to learn something. Work gets a little boring here lately, might as...
  10. FS: Rosetta Stone Headset

    Computer Stuff
    Brand New in Packaging This normally sells for 40 shipped from the company Selling for 20 shipped ^_^
  11. Stone chips after mud flaps removed?

    General RSX Discussion
    Hi guys, I was originally thinking about getting rear mud flaps, then I saw a black RSX with the fronts and rears removed and like the look. Have any of you experienced stone chips down your doors after removing your front mud flaps? I had NO idea where to post this. Thanks,
  12. Stone Chips In My F***ing Hood

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    got off the highway today and as i was washing my car to put it away i noticed 2 stone chips, ahhhhhh!!! so this is the deal. i dont wana have to paint my whole hood cuz im sure that would be pricey. but i do not wana touch them up cuz it will look like shit, my hood is the most flawless clean...
  13. Stone Chip on CF hood

    Car Care RSX
    How could i fill up those stone chip on my CF hood ... thanks ... please provide the brand of the tool !!
  14. Question regarding stone gaurd

    Car Care RSX
    I am thinking of getting a new car. A black one. If I do get it I was thinking about putting that 3m stone gaurd film on it because I drive on the highway alot. My question is: is it noticeable on black cars as much and does it actually work? Any info for me would be great. I have a SSM...
  15. does waxing help protect against stone chips?

    Car Care RSX
    i was just wondering if waxing or lack of waxing effect the number of stone chips you'll have on your bumper? thanks
  16. stone chip!!!! #$%[email protected]#!#$%#@^@

    Car Care RSX
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh got a stone chip on my front!!!!!! my brand new S .... pisses me off... it's pretty deep too.. must have been a nail or something cuz that shit is pretty deep and pushed the paint on into a curl on the side.. god dam.. sighhhh:mad:
  17. stone chips and rust

    Car Care RSX
    This might have been discussed before but I can't find the answer. I have a couple stone chips in my hood and there is already rust forming in the chip. How do I remove the rust safely before applying touch-up paint? By the way.....I already went to the dealer and they said the rust isnt...