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  1. All Motor RSX
    I want to get a reflash but it says you need to have itr cams before you can do that, so basically i have to drain a good amount of money on cams that will do me no good until i have the money for the reflash. fuck. I would just buy after market cams but i want to boost later on so thatd be a...
  2. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Ran while it was 91 degrees, and 83% relative humidity: R/T .828 (I was just concentrating on the launch) 60' 2.330 330 6.552 1/8 9.948 MPH 72.70 1000 12.864 1/4 15.310 MPH 92.65 Not bad, I suppose, considering the weather, but way worse than I expected. Bone stock, down to the original...
1-2 of 3 Results