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  1. All Motor RSX
    ok.. well i have decided on the DCRH (ceramic), and i have the Injen SRI intake. not gonna go CAI, i knoe gain is better but, i heard alot of ppl posting lately of hydrolocking. and plus i have the C-West N1 style bumper with a big hole rite in front where da filter will be. plus i live in...
  2. All Motor RSX
    I'm trying to decide between F\I and NA. I want to go F\I, but I don't wanna wait and save up the money, so I may go NA. I currently have these installed: AEM CAI, Comptech Catback, Revo Short Shifter, J's Racing Torque Dampener. Waiting to be installed: Goldline Springs and Camber kit...
1-2 of 2 Results