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  1. supercharge pulley

    Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    Iam selling a Jrsc 7psi pulley for $60.
  2. Just installed supercharge

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I just installed a supercharge in my RSX type S with 550 injectors and kpro. Can I use the supercharge New calibration in k manager? Just change the injector size to match mine? and run safely?
  3. What is better a turbo kit or supercharge kit for EP3 '02

    Turbo EP3
    Hi everyone I'm new member....:noes:: i have a EP3 '02 and don't really know what is best to get a turbo or supercharge and whats the right way of doing it....any advise will apreciate it
  4. gt 40 k2.5 vs supercharge ls2

    hey guys i need to know what hapened in this race cuz i cann't belive it so did some have the true story cuz the ls2 forums say a lot of shit about this race.... :mad:
  5. Supercharge Question

    Supercharging RSX
    might be a dumb question... i have cold air intake.. race header and full exhaust i have a 05 type s.. can i just buy the jackson supercharger pop it on and drive it? without buying a kpro? curious if not what i need other then a k pro 2 run it safely?
  6. Supercharge rebuilt ???

    Supercharging RSX
    Question ? i want to buy rebuilt supercharge this it good thing ? for 1500 $
  7. ep3 with k20z1 supercharge questions

    Supercharging RSX
    i have 2002 ep3 with k20z1 supercharge and running 4' pulley with ep3 crank pulley pushing 5.5 psi. what i wanna do is run 7-9 psi but not sure what supercharger pulley to get, what kind of injectors, and plugs. i've been reading here on supercharger forum thousand of pages to get information...
  8. Supercharge with s2 st.2 cams already searched enough

    Supercharging RSX
    OK, so I have a 05-s and want to do a supercharge either comptech, or jackson racing. I want to do this with Skunk 2 stage 2 cams, valves, springs, and retainers. I have read about adding cames and all but all I have heard was to use the tsx cams or type r cams. I have also read about one person...
  9. Supercharge Stock?

    Supercharging RSX
    hi !! I want to go supercharge i do a lot of researsh but im not sure ... Jackson raicing supercharger some poeple tell me they have tensioner problem and i want to know if some poeple have trouble since they have instaled supercharger in their car ? i want to run 9 psi max ! i want kit fine...
  10. rsx type-s vs. cobalt stage 1 supercharge

    RSX vs. All
    so tonight i race this guy with a cobalt that has a stage 1 supercharger...and i thought it would be a close race but it pulled away so much more than my rsx.. all i got in my car is an injen cai and his was bone stock... this normal? anybody else raced a supercharged cobalt? if so how did you...
  11. Supercharge Vs Turbo ( For Base )

    Supercharging RSX
    hi guys, im just wondering which one which get more gains? im running a base rsx now and just wondering what kinda mods ill need to do inorder for the S supercharger to work with my car. i really dont wanna go turbo cause it seems like a lot more work. thanks for the help guys

    Supercharging RSX
    I currently deciding if i want turbo or supercharge? Can anyone give me an advice. I need an advise please..
  13. Supercharger Tech Q&A, ***Noobs start here***

    Supercharging RSX
    OK, You are interested in supercharging and need some answers, or you're new to supercharging and need some help, this is the place for it. First though, ask yourself, have I read the Jackson Racing and/or Comptech FAQ Threads?, many of the basic questions are answered there, also since those...
  14. supercharge rsx vs mr2

    rsx - cai/h/ex/kpro/e85/ips cam/jackson racing supercharge 11 psi/t1 tuned! mr2 - Greddy 20G, QUAIFE LSD, Clutchmasters stage 5 unsprung 6 puck, chromoly F/W, Greddy Side mount I/C, Greddy I/C hose kit, Greddy Power Extreme Exhaust, walbro 255L, 14 psi, Blitz BOV...
  15. going supercharge... some ???

    Supercharging RSX
    ok i decide to go the supercharged route,i think im gonna be the first and only one here in Puerto Rico with a supercharged RSX and thats why i need ur help guys MODS: internal: eagle rods,block sleeved with darton sleeves,wiseco pistons 11.7:1>87mm,k20A head and intake manifold external...
  16. Fixed Supercharge Idle Tune Problems

    Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys...I've been battling with my idle for almost 2 weeks now that the temperatures have lowered down. My symptoms of the problem were that when I came to a complete stop my idle was fine and there were no issues but when I started moving the idle would jump and stay high around 1500 and...
  17. Is it Possible Supercharge and Turbo?

    Supercharging RSX
    Is it possible to install SUPERCHARGE and TURBO on an RSX? BOTH installed on the car...?
  18. Soon to Supercharge!! questions!

    Supercharging RSX
    well i have a fully built ITR motor, heres my setup.. ITR cams ITR oversized pistons 0.25 polished head brass valve guides dual valve springs CAI bored TB at 70mm RBC manifold DCRH Hks exhaust Act 8lb flywheel exedy clutch k-pro ESMM i want to get a supercharger and run a psi that is safe for...
  19. supercharge or turbo a base

    Supercharging RSX
    i would like to supercharge my base.. but i wasnt haveing very much luck finding a supercharger set up for my 03 base 5 speed rsx.. so i went looking for turbo's. they are a little easier to find but still very expensive, plus i need to buy many other things. should i go turbo or super? and...
  20. Supercharge Ecu reflash

    Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys.. I am going to be selling my comptech TSX supercharger kit and since the TSX doesn't have k-pro, all TSX s/c owners must get their ecu's reflashed. Does anyone know if comptech offers to ability to purchase the reflash for used supercharger kits? If not, it will kill the resale value...