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  1. Supercharging RSX
    Since the jackson racing supercharger was discontinued is it possible to get another one but for like a civic si and it still work on the k-series motor or would it take a lot of work to get it to work properly and efficiently? btw i have a 2006 acura rsx-s
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    What's up everyone, so I have been lurking on this forum for at least, say, 8 years (ish) and have never done much but creep on peoples crap.:troll: So here is my go at a "showoff" thread. I got my first RSX when I was in the 10th grade (around 2006) blah blah blah who gives a shit I ran that...
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    As title says, im after a Jmercado aftercooler kit for the Comptech/CT engineering supercharger. email me on [email protected] for offers.
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been following my build, progress, and DIY's for all of your support. I would also like to thank you all for your wonderful comments, your help, ideas, and opinions! Keep them coming! For those who are seeing my car for the first...
  5. Supercharging RSX
    So I bought a bracket online with Silkk, it's called the JMercado bracket and it's designed to allow me to use the OEM belt tensioner to eliminate belt slippage. Unfortunately I have a rare custom application and this install has been nothing but trouble... Hell I'm not even finished because of...
  6. Supercharging RSX
    Let me preface this story by thanking Rodney at Alcohol Injection Systems for all of the support I got. Without him, this experiment couldn’t have happened. For those of us looking for that extra power from our motors with roots style superchargers without...
  7. Supercharging RSX
    I was wanting to know everyones opinion on the beastly little s/c's. Im planning on going s/c'd and Rotrex seems to be the best out there to my knowledge so what does everyone have to say on the matter?
  8. Supercharging RSX
    comptech or jackson? what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? me
  9. Supercharging RSX
    Do new ct-engineering supercharger packages include a comptech auto tensioner?
  10. Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys dont know how your set ups work on your cars but hopefully I can help a little. Canton has a cooling tank holder holds 2 gallons of water that works out great. You will have to relocate battery but other than that great upgrade.
  11. Supercharging RSX
    Hey whats up fellas? I was just wondering out of curiosity were exactly can we buy the comptech superchargers for 05-06 models? I checked but all they carry is the JRSC, I know clubrsx use to carry them but I dont see them selling them anymore? The place I found them was, I...
  12. Supercharging RSX
    A while ago I agonized over what motor mount solution I should select to fix the wheel hop problem that nearly busted my blower belt during a burnout. I went with Enjos, the two-piece system that replaces the front and rear mounts, but leaves the side mount. As reported, the car runs MUCH...
  13. Supercharging RSX
    b4 anyone bashes me...i did use the search engine and got no i figured ill ask anyway...ive been reading alot about the reliability of turbos and havent heard anything positive about most people, i use my car as a daily vehicle and need my car to last...ive heard people...
  14. Supercharging RSX
    Anyone heard any good news for us '05 guys i looking forward to seeing some numbers or just a kit period. so anyone haerd anything good?
  15. Supercharging RSX
    Sorry for the no0b questions, but this is my first REAL car that will have work done to it... so I haven't experienced this stuff before. (I would of searched, but I don't think my questions have been covered.) Well... this is my first mod car like I said, and I have an auto base rsx. I will...
  16. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I'm trying to explain the differance between turboing a RSX-S and Supercharging. I know the basics and that supercharging a high compression engine is safer... I'm just having a hard time explaining why... I tried searching and ended up dead end.. I know there is probley a thread around here...
  17. Supercharging RSX
    does the comptech aftercooler have bov?
  18. Supercharging RSX
    Hey guys, I would LOOOVE to have a supercharger, but can't push out the 2500-3000 bucks for a new one... Is there anyone or any place that would sell used or for a cheaper price? I want to just be able to know that I have 240hp to the wheels and can kick [email protected]@ :driving:
1-20 of 42 Results