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  1. Fuel system

    Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    Selling everything pictured. Came off rsx. This is a complete return system fuel system that utilizes the stock fuel lines as the return line. K-tuned hardline to 6an adapter. K-tuned high flow 8an inline fuel filter. Stainless 8an ptfe fuel lines. K-tuned FPR (gauge NOT included). Golden eagle...
  2. Exhaust system

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Im looking for a muffler for my 06 acura rsx type s. I want something that sounds quiet on low rpms but if i hit hight rpms to be louder. Right now i have something that when i hit 2 rpms it gets super loud for no reason.
  3. Headunit and Speakers with Bose System

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I have a 06' Type S and I am wondering if it is possible to install a new head unit, 4 new speakers, and an aftermarket amp and sub and entirely remove the stock amp for the 4 speakers, and remove the stock sub and amp combo. Would I have to rewire the whole car or is just as simple as removing...
  4. [SOLD] FS: Sell JDM Dc5 Integra Type R RSX Fujitsubo RM01A Exhaust System

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Used Fujitsubo RM01A. SOLD I really love this exhaust, and it is a really good sound, not too loud, and deep subwoofer. I bought it for 3 years with driving around 30000 miles. Muffler has no big scratch and dent. Pipe has a little bit dent. It is located in CA El Monte.
  5. Get better air flow with Skunk2 Exhaust System on + New Deal!
    Maximize the power of your Acura RSX, enhance its looks and let it sound like it never did before with one of the Skunk2 Performance Exhaust Systems. Designed to make your ride faster and more powerful, each Skunk exhaust system is made using premium quality T-304 stainless steel, robotically...
  6. OEM Security System

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    My recently purchased 02 RSX Type S at one point had an aftermarket alarm I was told by the previous owner. Apparently the OEM security system was removed/disabled. The immobilizer light on the tach is flashing, and the fob no longer works. Before looking into an aftermarket Viper setup, has...
  7. Cooling system problems

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I’ll start with my set up then the problem. I have a mishimoto radiator with oem cooling fans,which are rigged to a switch, mishimoto trans cooler with fan, skunk 2 radiator hoses and a new stock duralast thermostat 180 degrees or something. Obd link lx for precision ECT monitoring. Problem...
  8. DIY Custom Ground Wire System

    The DIY Garage RSX
    I started making my own ground wire system for my 2002 RSX Type S K20a2. To clear the air about these aftermarket grounding unit, the actually do make the engine run smoother, help out with gas mileage, and possibly make a couple extra HP. Taking sandpaper and removing the paint where chassis...
  9. Audio system Gremlin

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello all new member here. Super fun car have had it a week. Its more fun to drive and ‘feels sportier’ than my 97 M3. Admitdly not rock steady and predictable at the edge like the bmw. Anyway, audio system. Cars got a boss aftermarket radio. Everthing else is stock, i think. When first...
  10. WTB: RSX Invidia Q300 Exhaust system

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Just as the title states. Located in the inland empire area. If you have what I'm looking for text me at 909-750-1072 Thank you
  11. Little red light bar under stereo system

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Just saw this little red light bar under the stereo that I’ve never seen before til today and it’s not working. Was wondering if anyone knows what it is ment for?
  12. Security alarm system

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Anyone have any good recommendations? My car recently got broken into and now I don’t feel safe leaving it outside. I have no other choice though. I was wondering if you guys have had or know of any good alarm systems? Someone told me there was a alarm system that notifies you to the key fob...
  13. EM2 Fuel System

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    So its been quite a while since I've done my K-Swap. Only recently did it dawn on me that I never upgraded my fuel pump. I dont think the OEM one is adequate for my setup. The original one only has 75-80 lph. What does the RSX-S flow like? 135, 150 lph?
  14. Experts - PLEASE HELP: System installed but when car is on...

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Cracking / clicking sound all 4 speakers when car is on and volume is down. When volume is up you cannot hear the clicking. Clicking is consistently the same and does not change as the RPM changes. It has been 17 years since I installed last and by no means was I a pro, but this is the first...
  15. New System Build

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    After years of listening to the stock stereo I finally decided to upgrade my system. As one thing leads to another when working on my car this all started with an oil pan gasket seal, which lead to Blox subframe stiffening, which lead to so many other car projects (leaky valve cover fix, valve...
  16. Car audio system. Please, help!!!

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Hey everyone. I have an RSX 2005 Base. I want to buy this head unit: And this pair of speakers...
  17. Clutch Hydraulic System Suggestions

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    Hello, I have a 2nd gen RSX Type S. I got the car a year and a half ago during Fall. On early spring, my cmc blew, so I replaced it with a new em2 nissin one, but hastly bled the system. I adjusted the rod also, and shifting was smooth as butter, but after a couple of months, it came back to a...
  18. FS : T1R 63S Exhaust System

    Engine & Transmission RSX
  19. Tanabe Medalion Exhaust System RSX Type S

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    SOLD! For sale is my Tanabe Medalion Exhaust System for the RSX Type S Part number T70046. Item has been used, but in excellent condition. I did not have this on my vehicle long, for around 2,000 miles total use. I am selling my RSX and no longer have a need for this beautiful exhaust...
  20. TX: WTB 05-06 OEM type-s exhaust system and 6 spd Transmission

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Hey guy's I'm looking for OEM exhaust (header to muffler) from a 05 - 06 Type-S for about $500 (You can of course PM an offer and we can talk about it) I'm willing to pay for shipping. So let me know how much it takes to ship it and I'll add that to the price of the exhaust system. I'm just...