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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Setting up EPS in my 06. Can the VSS #1 power wire (Yellow/Red Stripe: A21) be tapped at the jumper harness to the switched 12 V (E9 Ig1) or does it need to be tapped at the connector on the tranny? I would like to avoid running a wire from the tranny to the jumper harness.
  2. Turbo RSX
    Is everyone tapping or welding there turbo drain in the wrong spot? I took an extra PRB RSX oil pan and filled it with 6 quarts of water. My RSX takes 6 quarts of oil. It was nearly filled to the top. The K motors have a slight tilt to them. During a 1/4 mile run, and the fact that the RSX does...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Okay so I bought a used 2003 Type S and it was fine when I bought it but now I'm starting to notice a tapping noise coming from the engine bay. Not sure what it is. And then my CEL was on and off throughout my drive home, I got home and scanned the code and it pulled up P0217 Engine Overheat but...
  4. Turbo RSX
    Just need to know if it's possible to tap the oil pan while it's still on the car? Thx in advance
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello All, I’m new here! I just recently purchased an Acura RSX 02, base model, less than a month ago at 105xxx miles. I now have 106xxx miles and I’m hearing a strange tapping noise when the engine is warm, NOT when cold. Is this normal? Or should it be not making any sounds? It’s not...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I am trying to tap my high beam for my bixenon retrofit I just finished. Now the two wires for the high beam are red/yellow and red/blue. Can someone fill me in on which is power and which is ground. Thanks
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey crsx, when I cold start my car, it makes a slight tapping for about 2 seconds, then stops and never hear anything when driving. But if I start it when it's heated up no noise. Set my phone on the vc to get the best sound recording i could. Anyone have this problem before, is it the starter...
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I hear a tapping sound. It starts after the car has been run for 10 or 20 miles. I did a valve lash and it still is there. I mostly hear it at highway speed. I dont hear it at idle. Any ideas?
  9. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    hello everyone, im not good in electircal.. i have this thing that needs connect to a SIWTCHED POWER CIRCUIT (IGN) with a fused for at least 15amps. thanks in advance! btw, the electronic device is located on the engine compartment.. thanks in advance! :)
  10. ECU Tuning RSX
    When you tap into a pin of the ecu harness, for instance if you wanted to use Nitrous do you eliminate the wire going to that pin and just use for arming the solenoid, or whatever the case may be? Thanks guys
  11. Problems & Solutions EP3
    hey guys i have some question..i just let one of my honda techicians do a valve ajustment and when we started to work on it. he noitce that the rocker arms was loose and not tighten and cylinder one vavle was tight and cylinder 4 was loose. he finish the adjustment and retighten the rockers and...
  12. Turbo RSX
    Hey guys. I gonna turbo my k series and this will be my first k pan that im playing with. B series pans are a lot bigger so im a little confused. ive seen several images with people tapping them in different locations. Its a k24a2 and im curious to know your opinions.
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i got an 02 rsx type s and about two months ago i blew the a friend that had a k20a2 in his civic...when it was in his civic he had and rbc intake manifold...74mm throttle bodie...bigger injectors not sure what cc and after market fuel rail...header back exhaust...also he had kpro...
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have just purchased a 2003 Base model RSX w/ 150k miles on it. I have owned probably 7 hondas my whole life. The noise is a constant repetitive "tap tap tap". It sounds to me like lifters that need adjustment but my mechanic said he didn't think that was it. He said it was noise from the...
  15. Lighting RSX
    I will be slowly turning this into a how the hell do I do this... into a DIY: exactly to how to do it, by learning from my mistakes. THE ONLY 2 WIRES NEEDED TO DO THIS PROJECT are the constant power & variable dome ground wire: The white/blue constant power wire is in the a-pillar, right beside...
  16. The DIY Garage RSX
    So I was on the dyno yesterday and came across a vacuum/boost issue at high rpm and high boost. I have just been lazy used a T-tap to source vacuum. Unfortunately though the tap wasn't the perfect size and I was having issue. So to avoid this I decided to tap another port into my spacer. This...
  17. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    hi so i couldnt find anything about this mightve missed it but my (18) fuse power socket was burnt so i put in a new one and it burned right away so i was told it was the wires tapping together anyone know a DIY or tell me how to fix plz and ty
  18. Welding, Fabrication, & Tools
    Ok so the 12mm bolt that goes into the tranny housing (aluminum) is cross threaded. I'm thinking I need to use a 13mm tap. My questions are: Is stock pitch 1.5mm or 1.75mm or 1.25mm? Overall this should be easy right:noes:
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    A couple of weeks ago I over revved going into third but I went into first instead. I have no idea how it happened. I shift smoothly and I don't shove it into gear. Anyway, I dropped the clutch pedal to the floor the instant I realized what I'd done. Everything seems fine. Throttle response and...
  20. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just recently swapped in a used k20a2 into my RSX after I blew the stock one. The motor has approximatelt 68k miles on it. The engine starts and idles great, minimal noise, other than the injector ticking. However, when I rev the motor up to about 2k rpms, I get a louder more "metallic" type...
1-20 of 42 Results