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  1. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Up for sale are two tickets to John Legend at the Nokia Theatre LA Live on Sunday, December 1st. Seats are Orchestra Right Center, Row LL, Seats 205 & 206. I'm selling these for face value, $190 FOR BOTH TICKETS (paid $191.50, which includes service fee and parking for the event). Tickets are...
  2. Everything Else
    Great condition like new System originally had two w440 wireless speakers but I ordered a second pair of the w440 speakers. So a total of 4 speakers and a wireless transmitter. $175 + shipping will post pictures later today. Will trade for car stuff
  3. Everything Else
    Prices do not include shipping unless specified. All Prices are OBO (I'm willing to deal especially with multiple items). Shipping is from Connecticut and I only take Paypal. Prices INCLUDE paypal fees Home Theatre: -Denon AVR-587 AV Receiver(Have to locate remote) $200...
  4. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    May 26 (wed) @ 1:30pm 4 tickets for $120 (seats = Mezzanine Right/H 145-148(4)) got these tickets in march with the 25% discount code so the seats are pretty good for the price range something came up and can't make it ... PM me if interested :thumbsup:
  5. Canada East
    Assuming it wont rain tommorow night: Most likely I'll be going to the 5-drive-in on Saturday night. Who's interested? Will be watching Screen 1: 8:30 pm Inglourious Basterds 11:15 pm Halloween II It'll be my...
  6. Canada East
    Anyone been in one? Good or bad experience? I've heard about 5-Drive-in theatre in Oaksville.. any comments?
  7. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Just picked this up but need to pay off other bills for now, and I really need the money so I'm letting this go for half of what I paid. It's the Paramax Audio Home Theatre System Model:P-6 Retails for $2,199 1000 Watts Total System Power 10” Long Throw Drivers...
  8. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  9. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Looking for a pair of front channels as well as a centre for my home theatre system. 8 ohms resistance and power handling of at least 75W RMS (not BS peak power ratings). Prefer 2 or 3 way speakers, floor standing models. May consider bookshelf speakers. New or used, whatever you have! :)
1-9 of 14 Results