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  1. Thinking about putting in a strut bar, but don't really know what brand to get

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey guys, I want to put a strut bar in my rsx base model but don't really know what brand to get, there is so many, any ideas or thoughts? Thanks, much appreciated!!
  2. New here! Thinking about purchasing a RSX

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hi all! Just joined today. A little about me, I had an 06 RSX Type S back in 06. I loved it, even if the experience was short lived. It was stolen after 10 months of ownership. After the 06 RSX, I've had a healthy rotation of cars, including an 07 S2K, but my daily driver was my 07 Civic Si...
  3. Thinking about going turbo this spring

    Turbo RSX
    So I've got a brand new engine in my RSX and I've got a turbo laying around. The turbo is a freshly rebuilt Garrett t25 from a saab, over bored with an xsboost billet 60mm 6+6 taller t27 wheel, bored 3" manifold flange. By then the mods I'll have is an rbc manifold, ktuner, front and back...
  4. Just bought an 06 type s... thinking about a reflash already

    ECU Tuning RSX
    So, yeah I totally bought this RSX tonight and I already want to work on it. Nah, jk, it's got a pretty good vibration at idle, I hear its pretty normal. The engine looks extremely solid, I'm wondering if it has aftermarket mounts although the car is pretty well stock. I'm not paying $1400 for a...
  5. Thinking of Kelford Stage 1's - 180k on the odometer - safe?

    All Motor RSX
    So guys I have a higher mileage RSX Type S(180k). Its an 02 and Ive been considering adding the Kelford Stage 1's to my xmas shopping parts list. So far Ive ordered the Skunk 2 Alpha Header, Invidia Q300 exhaust, Injen CAI and Ill be having K pro installed as well. Would it be safe to add the...
  6. really thinking about a part out... read.

    Part Outs EP3
    close thread im not giving up! lol
  7. 2003 RSX-S w/28k thinking of selling

    New Member Introduction RSX
    I have owned this RSX since new and thinking of selling and wondering what I should ask for it. It has 28,300 miles on it AZ car always garaged super clean only mods are wheels and K&N cold air and Hondadata K20A2-4: 5200 VTEC point and 8600 rpm REV limit reflash. I hate to sell but need that...
  8. Thinking about buying RSX, anything to look out for?

    General RSX Discussion
    Thinking about buying a 2004 black TypeS. Anything in particular I should look out for when I check out the car? Also does 9K sound like a good price? It's clean, stock wheels, 101K miles, no accidents, clean title. He says he done these mods: Hotchkis full sway bars. DC header 4-1 full...
  9. WTB mugen lip f/r and thinking about an exhaust

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    As the title says lookin got a mugen lip front and rear and maybe a exhaust. I'm located in va beach. My car is jade green metallic. I can paint the pieces. Let me know thanks
  10. Thinking about buying this type s. Anyone know about its history?

    General RSX Discussion Wasnt sure what section to ask about this in but I wanted see if anyone knew this guy and or the car? Interested in it but hes had 760 views and no one snag it up. makes me wonder what the heck is the catch! anyways if anyone could vouch and or...
  11. Thinking about buying a rear mugen lip from ebay

    Exterior Mods RSX thats the link to it the...
  12. thinking of boosting my 03

    Turbo EP3
    I live in a smaller town in az so not much k20 tuning or shops to help out so my question is whats a decent kit to make around 225-250whp. also wondering what the price roughly would be. do I have to get kpro to run a turbo. figuring tax season is around the corner. any info would help. not...
  13. Thinking about selling my Authentic Cwest Body kit

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Thinking about selling my kit and going back to oem. its fully authentic, in silver. just looking to see what i can get out of it, any offers?
  14. Thinking about a turbo build

    Turbo RSX
    Hey guys I have an 05 rsx-s and I was in my local parts shop the other day pricing out a turbo build for my car, I had a question for you guys on the forums who have turbo set ups already. The guy at the parts shop told me that I wouldn't need k-pro and that he had a guy that tunes our ECU's...
  15. Thinking I may have a bent valve.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I was an idiot the other night and dropped it from third into second, and it redlined hard, I pushed in the clutch within a fraction of a second but it still redlined hard. It has had a ticking-ish sound since I bought the car, but now it idles rough. Well idk how "rough" but basically I...
  16. Thinking of removing the front grill...

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I've been wondering and would like to know if there are any risks of damage or exposure of any engine parts that would be caused from removing the grill altogether. Thanks guys
  17. Thinking about getting some red Bride seats for my RSX Type S

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so I'm thinking about getting some red Bride seats for my RSX, but I've been looking on how to install them and from what I've read when people put in the Recaros the SRS light comes on so I'm guessing this will happen if I put Bride seats in. Is this true and if it is is there any way to get...
  18. Thinking about repainting my rsx

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys, I'm thinking about repainting my car, it's black on top candy blue on the bottom right now with a smoke design to break the two colors.. I do really like the look but Its time for something new, I love white RSX's so I'm leaning towards and white and black design of some sorts, atlest...
  19. thinking about trading my rsx

    General RSX Discussion
    kinda out of the obvious question but what you think ive been wanting to trade my 02 rsx-s for a s2000 and it wouldnt matter ap1/ap2. would you think its a good deal to add in my ar-15 dpms panter arms with acog scope on top? my PWP rsx has about 129xxx miles
  20. Thinking about parting out k20a3

    Part Outs EP3
    thinking about parting out a old k20a3 i have laying around approx 150k on motor. I wanna see if anyone would need anything and what you would offer to see if it will be worth the time. 1 Spark plug hole is stripped out and would require a helicoil <<<<<<FYI